The "Legend of Korra" season 2 release date wasn't expected to arrive until fall 2013, but new rumors from Hulu suggest that the "Avatar" sequel could return to Nickelodeon as early as May (that's next month!). Read on for more "Legend of Korra" release date news and spoilers.

The Legend of Korra season 2 release date is officially slated for Summer 2013, at least that's what one anonymous fan on the Avatar wikia claims to have learned from a Hulu leak. Is the news just too good to be true? Earlier reports suggested the cartoon's premiere wouldn't air until the fall. Then again, a Summer launch would follow the precedent set last year with Book One.

UPDATE: It turns out the forum thread pegging the Legend of Korra season 2 release date was posted in December 2012, meaning that the rumors are probably fake.

Here's Avatar fan Gotdrums's post regarding the leaked "Legend of Korra" season 2 release date:

A recent update to the Legend of Korra episodes on Hulu introduces an intro that states "Legend of Korra returning to Nickelodeon, Summer 2013". Although this is not an exact date, it's great to have a little insight to when it will be released!

Other wikia users quickly responded to the Legend of Korra season 2 release date rumors with a mix of excitement and worry that the latest reports could be fake.

"So excited!!!! Legend of Korra is making me go crazy!!!! :) Can't wait!!!!" wrote an anonymous fan.

"If its not coming this month im going to go and have to see my pychiatris, i really hope we see what happened to zukos mother " wrote another fan.

"Why the hell can't they tell us when [Korra] Season 2 is coming out, dafuq They made the season but they wont tell us when it'll come out," wrote an anonymous Avatar fan.

"I just seriously think that they need to give their fans some kind of update on when [Korra season 2] is going to begin," posted another fan. "I for one heard that it is coming in April, and Aprils here and there is no sign of anything. Its really annoying."

Meanwhile, an more specific Legend of Korra season 2 release date rumor surfaced online, pegging the premiere to air on May 12. The rumor [UPDATE: this comment was posted just two days ago, unlike the rest of the thread which is significantly older] reportedly comes Nickelodeon's official website, according to another anonymous poster on the same Wikia forum thread.

The same Legend of Korra season 2 release date rumors were also posted over at the message boards just a few days ago, claiming that Nickelodeon had confirmed the premiere for Sunday, May 12.

"Ok so it was JUST RELEASED that Legend of Korra will be released on May 12. ITS CONFIRMED! So Obviously Korra could be before or ON May 12! SO EXCITED!" wrote user davetichy.

However, not everyone on the Nickelodeon forum accepted the latest Legend of Korra Season 2 release date rumors as fact.

"I'm just sayin that we first thought it wuz in March, but it wasn't. then we thought it wuz in April, but Nickelodeon said it wuzn't. So I'm not gonna believe this until you give me proof. No offense, though," wrote korra6565.

"Just looked up the article. That's the UK/Irland release date for Legend of Korra: Book 1. NOT Book 2. Sorry!" added tigre200.

So what should we make of the latest Legend of Korra season 2 release date rumors? It's alright to get excited at the prospect of new Avatar episodes arriving as soon as next month, but don't be disappointed if you end up waiting until fall 2013.

That's all the Legend of Korra season 2 release date news we've got for now, but read on for Avatar plot SPOILERS:

When the "Legend of Korra" season 2 release date arrives we expect to meet a handful of new characters, including one new girl, Eska, who we got our first look at in a recently leaked screenshot from show co-creator Bryan Konietzko's Tumblr. In the picture we get a glimpse at Eska talking to Bolin. Looks like Korra may have some competition, especially if this character is also a water bender.

Here's more "Legend of Korra" season 2 release date spoilers on the leaked photo from Hypable:

The character, called "Eska", is one of Korra's two twin cousins, who hails from the Northern Water Tribe along with her brother Desna and their father Unalaq. Not much else is known about this branch of Korra's family, but Eska and Desna's dour expressions in concept art revealed at last year's San Diego Comic Con has led to their being dubbed "the creepy twins."

Of course, our big question is where the "Legend of Korra" season 2 release date introduce a new love triangle into the story between Korra, Eska and Bolin? Hypable's Michal Schick suggests that the answer may be yes:

Eska certainly doesn't look especially chipper in the new image, but we're currently positing sadness rather than creepiness. Bolin doesn't like his usual cheerful self either; could there be some kind of romantic tension between the two? Or are both Bolin and Eska mutually concerned about another problem facing the Korra Krew?

We also got some Legend of Korra release date plot spoilers thanks to an Avatar panel held at Momocon 2013, an annual anime and animation expo in Atlanta Georgia, featuring oice actor Steve Blum (who plays the main villain, Amon, in season 1 of "Legend of Korra"), Sifu Kisu (a martial arts and eastern philosophy consultant who helped developed air bending for "Avatar") and Sifu Rodriguez (another consultant who developed Toph's earth bending fighting style for the original series).

Thankfully, blogger Explosions of Geekiness was on the scene. Here's her report on what happened, chock full of Legend of Korra season 2 release date spoilers:

"Holy sh*t you guys...the Avatar/Korra panel at Momocon yesterday was so awesome. Steve Blum, Sifu Kisu, and Sifu Rodriguez (consultant for Toph) was there. Everyone had great questions (except for the one girl who just HAD to ask for autographs...), and we "learned" a few things coming up. (I put learn in quotations because it was hinted at and never really said.)

"Firstly, we're gonna be getting a sub-bending form of airbending! Kisu said it was going to blow our minds. MY MIND IS READY TO BE BLOWN. Also, he totally knows who Lin's daddy is, but he was tight-lipped, so we're gonna find out soon enough I'm sure. Then when someone asked about who they would cast in a Korra movie, Sifu refused to say anything and he said we'd see why later...I'm not sure how I'd feel about a Korra movie. Steve said he wouldn't want one done.

"Adriana aka tinysaurus was there! She gave Steve a CD of all the Disney songs she's modified to make Korra themed. She was literally tiny and cosplaying as Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service. So cute!" [Emphasis added].

And that's not all, we also got a heavy dose of Legend of Korra season 2 release date stories at Emerald City Comic-Con. Here's blogger Sea-Dilemma's report:

Filmeditor16 with Grey Delisle at Emerald City Comic Con! Grey was funny and and very nice and really pretty (prettier than her photos!). She did Azula and Vicki from "Fairly Odd Parents" for us, and signed five things for us and took a picture and gave us all hugs! She has a fan for life in us! She gave us scoop on season 2 of TLOK. She said that she is doing three characters, and that one is the younger version of an established character who had a traumatic event happen to her, and we're thinking LIN! [Emphasis added].

Well, we're all out of Legend of Korra season 2 release date news and spoilers. Check back soon for the latest Avatar reports and rumors.