A little light at night can be a good thing, especially when it protects your home. Home goods maker Leeo has created a new device that protects homes from smoke and carbon monoxide fumes. The Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight works in conjunction with an app you can monitor on your smartphone. The device is not meant to replace traditional smoke and carbon monoxide detectors but to serve as a companion. Leeo asked the iDigitalTimes team to try out the device for a few days to see its benefits.

How The Device Works

The device is pretty simple, you just plug it into the wall at your home or office. When you plug it up, it immediately lights up. There’s a dimmer daylight and it gets brighter at night when the lights are out. The light overall isn’t super bright, but enough to see in a dark space or along the wall if you’re walking to a kitchen or bathroom in the dark. There’s an app on the iTunes app store and Google Play so you can track the Smart Alert’s progress while you’re away from homes. The device is designed to alert you if there’s smoke or carbon monoxide that your home detectors don’t pick up.

My Experience

The first day I tried it out I was skeptical about the device. I don't think I would get much light from the device but the light is perfect. I didn't have to worry about bumping into anything  while I moved around my apartment. It’s your typical small walkspace. I could see the light from all points in the room but it wasn’t so bright that it disturbed my sleep.

The Leeo Smart Alert app requires a little research in the app store since they don't make it too clear how to download it, but once I downloaded the app if was easy. Overall plugging in the device and monitoring it on the app was easy. The only drawback to the device is that it gets a little warm on the wall but there’s no safety hazards with the device getting warm after long periods of time being plugged in.

Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight does have customizable options and additional features for those who want to make more adjustments to the experience beyond standard use. You can learn more about it at Shop.Leeo.Com .