"League of Legends" Vi Guide: Attention, summoners that have been waiting patiently all week so as not to get carpal tunnel before the sudden, amazing release of the new champion Piltover Enforcer: she's here and joining all the LoL fun this evening, Wednesday, December 19, 2012. And if you're like me, before you buy her (and believe me, after this guide, you will buy her), you're going to be asking yourself, what the heck do I do with her? As is the case with all the new champions, it'll be a while before anyone takes to SoloMid or Mobafire with an in-depth guide to how to play Vi, so for your reading pleasure and gaming success, I'll be providing you with an in-depth sheet that will be giving you everything you need to know about League of Legends's newest champion, Vi, the Piltover Enforcer. And unless you're the type that absolutely hates playing champions with mana, then chances are that after giving our guide a few tries, you're never going to play with Riven ever again.

Watch this video of the official champion spotlight to see why we're especially excited:

What makes our League of Legends Vi guide different from any of the other ones that will undoubtedly be surfacing the internet in weeks to come? Chances are, if you're looking for a guide to LoL's new champion, then you're like me: you bought the Piltover Enforcer because she looked so totally super cool, and you're looking to have fun and lead your teams to victory in Blind, because based on how she's currently playing and the fact that she's indisputably OP at this point, Vi doesn't have a cat-in-hell's chance of making it through the banning phase of Draft or Ranked matches. I mean, when it comes right down to it, the new champion Vi is the Piltover Enforcer, and the reason why she's so gosh darn good at enforcing is because her passive procs a shield for ten percent as strong as ten-percent of her health every single time she lands one of her abilities. Though her passive does have a cooldown, at present, unless she's focused and bursted (which you never do with tanks, right?), this is going to make Vi nigh invincible as a junglier.

And that's why this League of Legends Vi guide recommends that you play the new champion Piltover Enforcer from the jungle. Let Riven take the top lane and focus on her damage output-- you'll be the team tank. And at the end of the game, you'll be one seriously deadly soul sister act. The new jungle item will help make your time in the forest a breeze, especially at level 3, when you have all of your abilities and your shield is almost always procing. Though the new jungle items into which you can upgrade the machete are super tempting, and the Lizard's true damage aura is super tempting on a champion who excels at committing to a fight for long term, I really do think that Wriggle's Lantern remains unparalleled for the uses of most of the game's junglers. You want fast clears and high sustains, and you want that to come as cheap as possible. Plus, a free ward every so often can make-or-break the game. As any author of any guide will tell you, wards win games. So even if you're just using one ward with Vi, make sure you get creative with the new champion's placement of it.

After you rush Wriggle's, this League of Legends Vi guide recommends that you get Mercury's Treads and Phage. The Ninja Tabi seems like a good idea, but it's overkill. You have a gosh darn shield that procs every so often, so you can eschew going for long term damage reduction in exchange for bowing out of a bad situation with crowd control. Depending on how difficult lanes are to gank, you'll probably gauge whether or not you want to go Phage or Mercury Treads first based on your team's ability to help keep your target in place. If your lanes have good crowd control, go Mercury Treads first. If they don't, go Phage. It'll be the difference in Vi's target getting away or the new champion's League of Legends enemy living to see the light of another day.

Now mid-game is here, and you're wondering what this League of Legends Vi guide recommends for your core item build. Before you turn Phage into Frozen Mallet, be sure to get a Warmog's. That'll make your shields so much tougher to break, and will have your enemies screaming that the new champion Vi is too OP, broken, and that Riot needs to fix her or blind won't be fun anymore. And oh, how right they will be. After you've given her Warmog's and upgraded to Frozen Mallet for the added health and crowd control, you have a choice for what to get next. If the enemy champions are annoying Vi with their spells, and especially if there's a stunner that's harassing the heck out of you when you try to initiate, go for a Banshee's Veil. If there isn't, go for the Ohmwrecker. I know that item sounds crazy, and it is crazy, but you'll be taking turret hits like a pro. Between your passive shield and the Ohmwrecker proccing when you need it, new champion Vi will be the queen of the turret dive.

And last but not least, we finish off our League of Legends Vi guide with an item that's bound to make your enemy champions ragequit: Guardian Angel. If, for whatever reason, new champion Vi gets focused in a long-term fight with the enemy, and she's taken out, Guardian Angel will ensure that she rises to the occasion promptly. And the fact that Vi has an escape spell and so many shields means that, unlike other champions who build to the GA, she won't be dying immediately and stands the strongest chance that champion ever has of either getting away, or returning to the front to lay the serious smack down on enemy champions. Now is also as good a time as any to think about an item like the Rageblade or the Lizard, either to ensure that her W keeps hitting and giving the enemies Frozen Mallet slow, or the Lizard, to punish everyone for focusing Vi to kill her.

Let us know how you're playing Vi!