It looks like any chances of grabbing the League of Legends: Championship Series title have officially been dashed for two up-and-coming LoL players, thanks to a recently announced pair of permabans from developer Riot Games.

Anyone who's spent significant time playing online multiplayer gamers, particularly ultra-competitive titles like League of Legends, has undoubtedly been exposed to their fair share of foul-mouthed and downright offensive gamers. In fact, the increasing commonality of such players has lead to a growing movement of gamers who've sworn off online gaming entirely until game developers/publishers figure out a more effective way to crackdown on unnecessarily offensive gamers.

Fortunately, the folks at Riot Games clearly mean business when it comes to enforcing the League of Legends player conduct agreement (aka The Summoner's Code), which explicitly bans exactly the sort of verbal abuse and offensive language which was cited in the official reasoning for both players' bans. In fact, according to the League of Legends dev team, Damien "aAa Linak" Lorthios and Ilyas "mouz enVision" Hartsema were reported four and six times (respectively) more often than their fellow EU League of Legends player.

According to Riot Games, the players weren't first time offenders, or even just occasional offenders for that matter. The official permaban announcement post on the League of Legends EU Nordic & East forums say that 70 percent of Hartsema's Summoner's Code violation reports were for offensive language and/or verbal abuse. Apparently the two players have previously accumulated a total of 25 prior punishments on other League of Legends accounts, and each have had other LoL accounts permanently banned as well.

In addition to receiving their latest permaban, Riot Games also decided to hand one year suspensions to both Hartsema and Lorthios, disqualifying them from the League of Legends: Championship Series Season Three qualifiers scheduled for January 25 - 27, 2013. Thanks to the ban, neither player will have the opportunity to compete for the League of Legends: Championship Series Season Three top prize, which is likely to top the $1 million awarded to the Taipei Assassins for taking first place in Season Two.

Both Damien "aAa Linak" Lorthios and Ilyas "mouz enVision" Hartsema will immediately begin serving their one-year suspensions from the League of Legends: Championship Series, meaning each player will presumably be eligible to take part in competitive play again on January 20, 2014. It remains to be seen what effect, if any, their latest bans will have on their in-game behavior.

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