League of Legends is gearing up for season 3, and with over one billion users everyone's favorite MOBA is bigger than ever. With all of the buzz surrounding tourney play, and fans daydreaming about massive piles of prize money, Riot Games has decided to tinker with the structure of ranked play to "provide more challenges for competitive players and a greater sense of progression for newcomers."

Riot Games posted this handy infographic detailing all the changes. Here's a breakdown of how ranked play will work in League of Legends season 3:

First, ranked solo/duo, team 3v3 and team 5v5 matches will be organized into leagues of 250 teams/players. The leagues will be organized by tier, and there will be six tiers in season 3 for players to move through: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Challenger.

Teams or players gain League Points by (how else?) winning matches. Every 100 League Points teams/players earn moves them into a best-of-three division series against another team/player. After upgrading to a new division, players go through it again to try to earn a spot fighting in a best-of-five promotion series to get to the next tier.

The League of Legends Season 3 changes also include a "Path to Pro" that gives gamers a more direct way to reach the upper echelon of LoL play.

The Top 16 players at mid-season in the EUNE or EUW ranked team Challenger tier get to participate in a 32 team online qualifier. The top eight teams from the qualifiers move on to a 16-team promotion tournament against the bottom four pro teams and four teams selected from "partner events." The top four teams in the 16 team promotion tournament join the top four pro teams to form the Championship Series.

Entry into the ranked play is restricted to players who reach level 30 and have access to 16 champions.

What are you waiting for? Go get your grind on!!!