League of Legends Lissandra's release date has finally been announced, but when will Lol 2013's Lissandra, The Ice Witch, be available from Riot Games for summoners everywhere to enjoy? The rumors are true, former lady of LoL lore is becoming a champion, and she looks awesome. If you're a summoner with a penchant for ranged mages, League of Legends Lissandra is your gal, and we've got all the details you want to know on the newest LoL 2013 champion. Prior to her announcement was the reveal and eventual release of LoL 2013's first melee fighter, League of Legends Zac, the Secret Weapon, who was met with delight from some summoners and skepticism from others, especially after an awkward blunder wherein certain summoners who bought Zac were unable to access him in their client. Before the release of Zac was the reveal and release of champion duo Quinn and Valor, Damacia's Wings, who soared onto the LoL 2013 scene as the first ranged carrier duo of the season.

The League of Legends Lissandra release date has been revealed on the official League of Legends news page, though no specific date has been given for the Ice Witch's release to summoners wordwide from Riot Games. As per usual, it is likely that Lissandra will become available as part of LoL 2013's next patch, which often release on Tuesdays. It should be noted that unfortunately, Lissandra has yet to be released in PBE, hence a lack of PBE footage (some sneaky summoners on the forums have taken to rickrolling those in pursuit of Lissandra public beta video, those tricksters!), though we will be sure to make an update as soon as Lissandra PBE video is available.

League of Legends Lissandra release date is certainly not the beginning of League of Legends excitement this year: It's been an jam-packed few months so far for Riot Games and League of Legends, with new champions released and the Mac open beta finally arriving for eager non-PC players. Will you be picking up Lissandra, the Ice Witch when she's made available? Depending on your particular play style, the new champion may or may not be to your liking. Regardless of whether Lissandra becomes your favorite new champion, her looks are out-of-this world fabulous, sinister and enticing. I mean, look at that splash art. Reminds us a bit of HR Geiger, if we do say so ourselves. Lissandra is undoubtedly the coolest new champion design since Thresh. If you're a fan of mages, particularly those of the support persuasion, Lissandra is a good bet for you. With her mana efficiency, kiting and crowd control abilities, the new champion may be a killer support mage for LoL 2013, though only time will tell. We have the details on Lissandra's abilities below:

Q: Ice Shard: Lissandra throws a spear of ice that shatters on contact with the first enemy struck, dealing damage and slowing their movement speed for a short duration. Enemies behind the struck target also take damage.

W: Ring of Frost: Lissandra freezes the area around her, dealing damage to nearby enemies and rooting them for a short duration.

E: Glacial Path: Lissandra casts a slow-moving, long-range ice claw in a line, dealing damage to all enemies in its path. Re-activating Glacial Path teleports Lissandra to the claw's current location.

R: Frozen Tomb:

On enemy cast: Lissandra freezes an enemy champion, damaging and stunning them briefly. Dark Ice emanates from the target, dealing damage and slowing nearby enemies.

On self-cast: Lissandra encases herself in ice, rooting herself in place briefly and becoming untargetable and invulnerable. Dark Ice emanates from Lissandra, dealing damage and slowing nearby enemies.

Passive: Iceborn: After a brief cooldown, Lissandra's next ability costs no mana. Hitting an enemy with movement impairing abilities reduces Iceborn's cooldown.

That Frozen Tomb ultimate move looks pretty awesome, eh? Riot Games also has the rundown on League of Legends Lissandra's ability applications in Top Lane, Mid Lane and Team Fights, provided below:

Team fights: Lissandra isn't the type of mage who immediately blows up high-value targets, but instead has the potential to lay down impressive amounts of damage and crowd control on grouped up opponents. The AoE aspect to Ice Shard keeps enemies pinned down through repeated area damage and slow effects while she waits for the opportune moment to unleash her full combo. Once she sees an opening, Lissandra can use Glacial Path to close in and lock down a high-value target with Frozen Tomb. If the opposing team starts to focus her, Lissandra can instead use Frozen Tomb on herself, juking the initial burst before escaping with Ring of Frost.

Top lane: Lissandra's passive allows her to be much less dependent on blue buff compared to many of her AP counterparts, making her an excellent, self-sufficient choice for top lane. Despite her low base durability, the long range blink on Glacial Path helps Lissandra stay safe by pulling off daring escapes. If she's caught in a gank, Lissandra can freeze her would-be killers in place with Ring of Frost before disappearing over terrain with a well-placed Glacial Path.

The area of effect damage on Ice Shard also allows Lissandra to guard turrets even when pressured, or press the lane in an attempt to lure enemy junglers into a counter-gank. When an opponent takes the bait, Lissandra can cast Frozen Tomb on herself, ensuring her own survival as she uses her other abilities to set up kills.

Mid lane: Lissandra's mobility and crowd control skills make her an ideal choice for aggressive, roaming mid play. By shoving the lane with her AoE abilities, the Ice Witch can create the space she needs to make a move on top or bottom lane. The long range blink from Glacial Path lets her get the drop on enemies from unexpected angles by jumping terrain or by circumventing typical ward locations. Once the ambush has been sprung, Lissandra's potent combination of slows, roots and stuns allows her to stick to an opponent and close out the kill.

If you're playstyle favors high risk / high reward ability pull-offs, it sounds like Glacial Path in Top Lane will make for some thrilling gameplay, and of course, Lissandra's AOE Ice Shard can be put to excellent use in the top lane. Summoners are now sounding off about LoL 2013's Ice Witch in the official League of Legends forums, from which we've hand-selected choice reactions below:

"Wow I have been waiting for this for so long. Great job guys" - Uwontprevail

"What's with the 2 horns on her hat xD edit: nvm it's a suit" - TrollLikeABoss

"Look illuminati as **** I'm scared" - Faptain Teemo

"Almost looks like she was ripped right out of a Final Fantasy game. Her spell effects look really good, and assuming I'm interpreting it correctly her ult's going to have an insane amount of utility with that targeted lockdown and/or free Zhonya's passive." - Jinx The Zombie

"Although she is pretty cool looking, I have to say... Ice has gotten a lot of attention recently (sejuani, trundle) WHERE'S OUR EARTH BENDER? KING BUMI WHERE?" - Bobby McFrayson

"She looks amazing! I need to farm up another 3150 IP STAT!! She looks incredible!! I bet she'll be a decent support too! REALLY looking forward to this champion! Imagine being chased through the night in the freezing wastes of Freljord by THAT. Quinn, you have balls.

Are you as stoked for League of Legends Lissandra release date as we are? Stay tuned for more details and video footage of The Ice Witch in action as they develop.

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