League of Legends: Elise, the Spider Queen, is the newest champion to join the endless battle for control of Summoner's Rift. The only problem? She is way too OP. We wrote an article about her when her skill-set was first announced, and appropriately, readers on our favorite subreddit flamed us for being just another group of whiners who got up in a tiff when a champion looked OP even before we saw things like her cooldown times, her attack speeds, her health, and her AP/AD ratios.

Well, guess what, haters? We were right. Here's why Elise, the Spider Queen, is way too broken to be anything but insta-banned in League of Legends, and how to beat her every time. That is, of course, if the stars align properly and you're not playing a bad player.


What Makes Elise, The Spider Queen, Way Too OP

So check it: Elise has the ability to move seamlessly between being a ranged mage and being a melee assassin. That seems balanced enough in and of itself, right? After all, if she has to get into close range after whittling down your health, it's easy to figure out when she's coming in for the kill, and when/how to plan your escape accordingly.

But not so fast: the problem with Elise, the Spider Queen, is that she has even more range in her physical assassin form than she does in her ranged mage form. It's a design flaw that has us wondering what the people at Riot could have possibly been smoking, except for a severe hunger for RP purchases for people who are going to take her into Blind Pick and own with her every time.

That mage-Q? Scary enough, especially for tanks, but fortunately you never have to worry about that being the move that killed you. Her mage-W? The Spider Queen launches one of her babies in a way that's similar to Maokai's, but unlike Maokai's saplings, it's a little trickier to aim because it's also kind of like a line skill-shot but so much slower. Good luck hitting anyone with it-- this seems pretty farmy/useless against a good player.

Elise, the Spider Queen's mage-E is the perfect engagement tool, and if it hits you-- especially if Elise is a junger engaging the gank for her team-- just assume you're going to die unless you're the king of escaping. The stun is a game-changer, specifically because it means that she doesn't have to use her godliest move to catch up to you.

And now, we go into Elise, the Spider Queen as the God of League of Legends and all things that are holy and terrifying.

Dat spider form. What were they thinking?

Her Q is a finishing blow, meaning that after you've dealt enough damage with your mage-form moves and W-form steroids (coupled with your team's damage as well), this is going to be the move that ensures the kill is yours. It deals damage based on percentage of health missing-- the opposite of her mage-Q move, which deals damage based on percentage of remaining health.

Her assassin-W is a steroid that also heals her based on a percentage of the damage done. What up, Fiora and Warwick? Nice of you to also be champions, too.

But it's. That. E. That. Terrifies. Us. This should have a cooldown of an hour. I mean, it isn't even an ultimate, but it does things that no one thing in this game should.

Press E once, and Elise, the Spider Queen, ascends into the air, becoming untargetable. Press it again, and she comes down on an enemy unit. While she's up in the air, she reveals all enemies in a huge radius that have been masked by the fog of war-- even enemies that are in the brush.

Riot, what were you thinking?

First of all, this non-ultimate move is a combination of Flash (but so much better), Zhonya's Hourglass, and wards everywhere. Second of all, her range on this move is stronger than anything she has in her mage-form, meaning that the notion of "ranged vs. melee" complimentary gameplay is completely irrelevant. Third of all, it means that there really is no running from her. There's no getting away with just a fraction of your life. There's no tower hugging. There's no nothing. She can get in. She can get out. Even if it's just to drop an ignite on you and run away, you're done.

She doesn't even have to use it to close the gap. She can just keep on running at you, attack you, then use her E to shrug off the turret aggro.

How do we beat a champion with a kit like this?

Dear reader, I give you two possible solutions.

1. Dat dodge.

If you dodge the mage-E that she uses to engage, there's a chance that she'll have to use her assassin-E to engage with you at all, rather than deal the finishing blow to secure the kill or escape with her life.

2. Never go anywhere without perfect health if she's around.

The last thing you want to do is stuff Elise, the Spider Queen's face with kills, and that means always having a buddy with you when you roam. I mean, let's say she's in the jungle, and she's curious, and she just uses her E to see what's around her-- you'll be revealed. And if you're in a vulnerable position, she will descend on you and whittle you the hell down.

3. Dat Heal.

This is going to get me some flames, but I do stand by this. For me, Heal is less about sustainability than it is about tricking a trigger-happy champion into dancing with you, only to have hir overextend and you to take the kill. If you can trick her into a fight that she thinks she'll win, you can emerge from this victorious.

Heal is psychological warfare. It can make an opponent second guess you and run away even before really engaging, or it can have them YOLO the heck out in trying to take you down. Either way, you're probably going to get away with your life.

But if this is what we have to look forward to from new League of Legends champions-- broken heroes made for the insta-buy that Riot will probably nerf when they get around to it-- then we're in for some serious hell.

Till then, the best defense against Elise, the Spider Queen is the good ole League of Legends banhammer.


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