The group Comediva has thrown their hat into the growing Gangam Style ring with their Star Trek-style parody of the South Korean invisible horse megahit. The video, Klingon Style, features honorable warriors demanding "romance success."

Since it first hit the Internet, Gangam Style by South Korean musician Psy has gone on to become the viral sensation of late 2012. It has been certified by the Guinness Book of world records as the most "Liked" video on YouTube and has even surpassed the earworm juggernaut "Call Me Maybe" on the video sharing site.

Comediva, which describes itself as "where the funny girls are," has already had its fair share of viral hits. Last year, they introduced viewers to G-Male, which cast Google's disconcerting knowledge of its users into a creepy, overbearing boyfriend.

Klingon Style takes more of a direct parody approach, doing shot-for-shot recreations of Psy's hit video. Just with Klingons, 3-D chess, and a dancing android. To truly enjoy the clip, you'd best turn on close captioning, unless you're completely fluent in Klingon, which is the sole language spoken in the short.

As enjoyable as it is to watch a Klingon warrior jump around some fountains, the closed captioning is fantastic. "I salute you woman," growls the Klingon. "You are a very pretty woman. [Expletive] success." The honorable alien goes on to describe his love for Tribble tennis and female science officers.

The recent appearance of Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt doing the invisible horse dance with Psy perhaps gave some viewers pause. Maybe the Gangam Style sun was beginning to set. Even if the influence of the song is waning, parodies like this show its still got quite a bit of cultural currency to spend out.