Reality star Kim Kardashian West is breaking the internet and the Apple app store. The new app Kimoji debuted the week of Christmas, becoming one of the top 5 iOS paid apps in Apple ’s store. According to The Gospel Herald , Kimoji beat Grand Theft Auto and other popular apps in Apple’s store. Kim is flexing her social media muscles by creating more apps.   Kim is wildly popular on Instagram with about 44.4 million followers, beating her own Twitter numbers. Her popularity stretches across the entire Kardashian brand. Kim’s sisters Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are not too far behind the reality star and 30.8 million and 34 million fans.

The Kimoji app is the second for Kardashian. She previously created a Kim Kardashian app where fans can view special behind the scenes photos. She also created videos with makeup and hair tips and tutorials for fans. In the fall Kim Kardashian announced new updates to her app game, Kim Kardashian Hollywood . It’s been a busy summer and fall for Kim who has updated her app game and her website. Kim went to social media to announce the newest updates including world renowned designer Judith Lieber . The designer is adding her fashion and handbags to the game. Lieber is among the newest additions as Kim works to boost the popularity of the wildly successful game created by game developer by Glu Mobile . Another new update for fall is New York Fashion Week . The new segment has been added to celebrate the event and fashion shows in the game. Users will get to go to fashion week as a part of their tasks in the game that promotes making friends, handling enemies and working hard to become famous like Kim. At the end of the summer Kim also added a character for former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Nene Leakes . Bringing in the reality star helps draw a bigger audience to her game.