Kim Dotcom is back, and he's ready to stir the pot more than ever before. He's launching a new site dubbed Mega -- the successor to Megaupload -- that will provide every user with 50GB of free storage. Although the product hadn't been released by Friday, many technology outlets including TechCrunch were given the opportunity to preview the brand new system.

"The service itself, in my early look today, largely resembles a simplified version of Dropbox and other cloud-based storage services. I'm accessing it on Chrome - which Mega recommends," reports Ingrid Lunden of TechCrunch. The website posted extensively in a blog post about the fact that the site operates at best while being used with Crhome.

Of course, Mega wouldn't be nearly as exciting as it is if it weren't for the higher tiers of storage that are being provided. The "Pro" options are offered at 500 GB, 2 TB and 4 TB of cloud storage for €9.99, €19.99 and €29.99, respectively. It's important to note that many people lost all of the data they stored on the Megaupload servers after it was seized by authorities.

Kim Dotcom seems to be all in on cloud-based computing this time around. "he company is determined to make Mega more than a simple cloud locker by (eventually) offering a variety of collaboration tools and built-in word processing / spreadsheet apps. When it launches tomorrow, Mega may be little more than a fresh coat of paint on its former incarnation, but Kim Dotcom clearly has lofty ambitions for the service," reports The Verge.

One important detail to note on the new website is the rather large section that says "Mega is looking for investors." As many domain owners know, online storage and hosting is an expensive business given the hardware and a variety of other technicalities involved. It's still unclear whether Mega will become a viable alternative to other storage lockers such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive or Apple iCloud. For now, Mega remains a second-tier storage system in an increasingly congested field of cloud storage competitors.