A Killer Instinct 3 2013 release date? Is this even possible? According to numerous reports, yes, actually, a Killer Instinct 3 2013 release date IS possible, and we'll likely learn more at E3 in a few weeks.

Why do I think a Killer Instinct 3 release date is coming in 2013? A few reasons, actually.

First, we all heard about the Xbox One reveal yesterday. If this is news to you then let me welcome you to the world from the cave you've been in since January. Must've been rough. But good news! There's a new Xbox coming out soon and it's going to have a bunch of neat games, including a possible Killer Instinct 3 2013 release date. Since your cave-addled mind might not remember one of the ultimate fighting games from the 90s, here's a refresher on Killer Instinct, the game that made combo chains into a thing:

With the data avalanche pouring across the interwebs in the wake of the Xbox One reveal, why am I floating out this crazy Killer instinct 3 release date story? Because something is afoot in the halls of Microsoft, and more-legit-than-this-site gaming site Polygon put the screws to Microsoft Studios corporate vice president Phil Spencer about upcoming titles for the Xbox One.

"Fans of Rare and Rare IP I think will be pleased with what we're going to show at E3," Spencer said. "We had a limited amount of time today and a lot of story to tell. But Rare remains an incredibly important part of our development capability. That historic IP that they've built I think can play a real important role on Xbox One."

Microsoft bought Rare Studios, the company that made the Killer Instinct franchise into one of the most beloved fighters of its generation, back in 2002. In Sept. 2012, Microsoft announced it had renewed the trademark for Killer Instinct. Although the trademark was denied in December because it belonged to a now-defunct Fox TV, Microsoft settled with the network in April. Now, if that's not a sign a Killer Instinct 3 release date is on the horizon I don't know what is.

As to what kind of content we can expect on the Killer Instinct 3 release date, well, odds are the days of button mashing are long gone and will be replaced by the days of arm flailing. According to a report in OXM, Rare is

" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">hiring several positions for something it describes as "the next jaw-dropping, never-been-done-before Rare project." Among the positions being sought, an expert physics engineer is sought to "deliver advanced game engine software for use within the studio" and "ensure that content authoring tools and the asset pipeline efficiently fulfill the evolving needs of physics based gameplay and animation."

Nothing official has been confirmed yet, but a Kinect-based fighter set in a beloved 90s franchise is precisely the kind of gamer-centric buzz machine Microsoft needs in the wake of the "too much sports/tv talk not enough games" critique of the Xbox One reveal event.