Sir Fedora kid youtube reaction to getting one like on video hilarious viral reddit twitter channel Watch Sir Fedora's hilarious and overjoyed reaction to getting one YouTube like, while reddit turns him into a viral sensation overnight. (Photo: Sir Fedora YouTube Channel)

There's a new kid on the YouTube block and his reaction to getting one YouTube is making him the newest viral video sensation to hit the web. Discovered by Reddit user dragonboltz just a few hours ago, Sir Fedora and his new YouTube reviews page are just blowing up — but not necessarily for the reviews. Rather for his incredibly humorous and overjoyed reaction to obtaining one like on his page. In a second video called, "Wat Da (Bleep) Happened" Sir Fedora is seen exploding with joy over getting one like. That's right people, not 100 or 1000 but 1.

Starting out with a "Hey YouTube, I didn't see you there... oh wait I did!" new YouTuber Jack aka Sir Fedora begins a 4 minute tirade about how happy he is to have this one like.

"We did it! We hit the one like!" he announces.

Unable to suppress his apparent excitement, he half giggles as he says,

"I know you guys are gonna be like 'Dude it's just one like' but it's still awesome to know you guys are there ... even though you're not there you're there!"

But after the fact he takes the overjoyed reaction to one YouTube like a little further asking the community if perchance he could get to the 3-5 like level. Although the clip was only uploaded to Reddit 5 hours ago already nearly 4,000 have given it the thumbs up as people comment and laugh about how cute it is to see a kid excited about his dreams coming true.

"This kid is awesome and freakin hilarious. Hope he continues to stay cool," said xxharmxx

"I enjoy seeing a kid his age actually be ambitious and excited. I think his future is very bright and through the roof of his house," sdds thecircumsizer.

Meanwhile, Phylar mused "Reddit has ruined many a dream these many years. Hopes and wishes have been shot down again and again by the internet masses. But a milestone has been passed and today we witness triumph. For this kid, this child, this young star has placated the monster. He has garnered the attention and adoration of the Front Page. I just hope his young heart can handle such a shock."

Watch Sir Fedora YouTube Reaction "what Da (Bleep) happened"

As is the way of the Reddit community they've jumped on board nd done all they could to get Sir Fedora and his YouTube page like reaction seen on a massive level. Over on Twitter things have picked up as well, as within just one hour the boy acquired over 1,000 new followers. The magnitude of the number didn't seem to be lost on @SirFedora as he oozes excitement there as well as on YouTube.

Watch Sir Fedora's YouTube Video "Woooo 45 twitter followers"

Though the story is obviously still developing, I think we're definitely looking at the next big thing to happen to YouTube and the world. Reddit has now established their own subreddit devoted to Sir Fedora. It'll be exciting to see how it goes. Check out all of Sir Fedora's YouTube videos and reactions below.

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