John Kerry was called "Mr. Secretary" by John McCain during a press conference on Monday.

According to the Huffington Post, Kerry introduced McCain on Monday by calling him "Mr. Secretary." Kerry, who Republicans have been touting as a possible Secretary of State candidate, promptly turned "beet red," per Josh Rogin of Foreign Policy.

After being called "Mr. Secretary," Kerry replied back with a retort of his own, calling McCain "Mr. President." McCain, of course, lost the 2008 Presidential Election to Barack Obama.

"This is what happens when two losers get together," Kerry added, per Atlantic Wire.

As we previously reported, Hillary Clinton is going to retire as Secretary of State, leaving President Obama to name a replacement. Obama and other Democrats reportedly favor Susan Rice, currently the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. Indeed, USA Today reported last week that Obama referred to Rice as "extraordinary" and added that he "couldn't be prouder of the job" she has done in her current position.

However, Republicans, including McCain, are concerned about the comments Rice made after the attacks on the U.S .consulate in Benghazi earlier this year. According to the Associated Press, Rice appeared on various talk shows five days after the attacks and blamed them solely on an anti-Muslim video created in the U.S. She has since admitted that this version of events was incorrect.

Rebublicans have thus rallied around alternate candidates like John Kerry as the next potential Secretary of State. While many criticized him when he ran for president back in 2004, the New York Times reported that conservatives would like to call Kerry "Mr. Secretary" in the future.

"Anyone who has worked with Senator Kerry knows his good, hard work ethic and his expertise on foreign relations," Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) told the paper.

Meanwhile, Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) told the Times that she would need more information before she could support Rice as a potential secretary of state candidate. However, she thinks that Kerry would be confirmed by the Senate rather easily.

Finally, Senator Rob Portman (R-Ohio) said of Rice, ""I think there are other good choices for secretary of state, better choices probably. I think Senator Kerry is one of them. He would have an easy time here."

Thus, if Republicans have their way, McCain and others will soon be able to call Kerry "Mr. Secretary" for real and not have to joke about it.

You can watch video of Kerry being called "Mr. Secretary" below, courtesy of YouTube user dkostv.