What do you get when you cross Kate Middleton in a hospital with a pair of fun loving Australian DJs? A telephone prank call of epic proportions--one which definitely belongs in a book of fame somewhere for all-time awesomeness.

It seems that last night, the duo prank-called the King Edwards VII Hospital, the British hospital where Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, was reportedly being treated for severe morning sickness.

Of course, I imagine star struck fans may attempt fraudulent access to the royal family members quite often, but what is so crazy is that this duo actually made it through the line to Kate's personal nurse on duty who discussed several details of Middleton's condition right over the phone.

So who is this brilliant hoaxing pair? None other than Mel Greig and Michael Christian, who co-host the Australian talk show program The Summer 30 broad-casted live on on Australia's 2Day FM. The pair, donning their best British accents, called the central London hospital impersonating the Queen and Prince Charles. Surprisingly, they were immediately put through, with no questioning whatsoever. The nurse on duty, watching over Kate Middleton, divulged a number of personal details about the duchess's condition, including a full report of the treatment planned and even a mention of the exact time Prince William left the hospital!

A spokesperson from King Edward VII Hospital was interviewed today and told the press that the call was in fact genuine.

Though the incident is definitely laughable and will surely be talked about for days to come, many are raising their eyebrows concerning the seemingly lax use of security protocol by the hospital staff. The craziest part of all however, is that the impressions weren't even anything to write home about! Perhaps it was the use of a fictitious royal corgi in the background that convinced King Edward's hospital staff that the Queen and Prince Charles were in fact calling about how Kate's "little tummy bug is going".

Here's a small tidbit of the conversation which ensured, along with a brief sound clip by the Daily Mail.

Mel (Queen) : "When is a good time to come down? I'm the Queen you see, so I need a lift."

Michael (Charles) : "Well it's hardly the Palace, is it?" [After the nurse admits Kate is having trouble sleeping in a strange bed]

[*cue fake background barking*]

Mel (Queen) : "When are you going to walk those bloody corgis, Charles?"

Michael (Charles) : "Oh Mumsy, I'm just going to take the dogs outside now."