A French Magazine called Closer has snapped a few pictures of a naked Kate Middleton, with breasts exposed, next to an equally scantily clad Prince William-- photos which, naturally, have ignited a firestorm of outrage and controversy that has torn the Twitter sphere asunder.

Now, before you start lurking on Google for the Kate Middleton and Prince William sex tape (or maybe you've already started, you dirty dog!), you should know that the offending photographs come from something infinitely more tame than that. Closer magazine snapped these pictures of Kate Middleton's breasts while the Duchess of Cambridge and her Royal Hubby were on vacation, sunbathing.

Little did she know that the same rules always apply: if it's out in the sun, it'll be on the internet in seconds. And that's exactly what happened.

Some Twitter users are using the chance to express their sympathies for the Royal and Suntanned Breasts, and believe that Kate Middleton is the victim of a serious breach of privacy. Take a look at @fuggirls, a popular fashion blog with over 71,000 followers, who tweeted:

"Poor Kate Middleton. You'd think after Di, the French paparazzi would have a lifetime obligation to leave British royals the hell alone."

Other users, like UCB comedian Johnny McNulty, lauded the moment for being a well-needed instance of British Government transparency. Take a look at what he had to say:

"Aren't Kate Middleton's breasts technically public domain since they work for the government?"

Work indeed. But perhaps comedian John Scott sums up all the reactions to the photographs in one fell swoop when he tweeted:

"RT this if you think that was a terrible invasion of Kate Middleton's privacy...but you still had a look anyway."

Conspicuously missing are tweets indicting the newly minted Duchess for her showing her breasts in the first place. Looks like the thirst for British decency is always trumped by the thirst for British privacy.

And as for the offending pictures themselves? Take a look here. They're probably not safe for work, but we'll let you be the judge of that.