Kate Middleton bangs pics were released just moments ago, along with green dress photos that copy Princess Diana, some media outlets are suggesting. She premiered her new bangs at the opening of the brand-new "Treasures" gallery at London's Natural History Museum, and once photos started to leak onto the internet, the comparisons to Princess Diana (resulting less from Kate Middleton's bangs and more from the green dress she was wearing) were pretty much immediate . But is it advantageous to Kate Middleton to have so many people drawing a comparison between the new pics of the fashionable Duchess of Cambridge and the late and indisputably beloved Princess Diana?

When Kate Middleton premiered her bangs at the London Natural History museum, it seemed like the entire continent took notice as photos disseminated through the internet, with many outlets not wasting a second to get pics of the Duchess's new hairstyle and green dress on their sites. The new haircut, which sees Middleton's long, beautiful hair shaped into elegant, sophisticated bangs, is the work of the Duchess's favorite hairdresser, Richard Ward, whose salon in London blows our Kate Middleton's hair for approximately $75 three times a week. Her regular haircuts are reported to cost approximately $242 at each visit.

Kate Middleton's bangs represent a move away from her more traditional haircut, calling attention to the symmetry of her face moreso than her previous haircut did. But apparently, the Duchess seems to not be convinced that her new bangs are right for her, having admitted to one onlooker that she was insecure about her new look.

"I told her I loved her new [bangs]," spectator Joanna Baldwin said to the Daily Mail, "[Kate Middleton] said: 'I'm not sure about it. It's a bit windy today.' I said 'don't worry, it looks lovely.'"

Kate Middleton bangs into other observations about her appearance this week, as many remark that her beautiful, green Alexander McQueen dress copies Princess Diana in a look the late Royal made famous. Though she's worn the dress just one time before, in a previous reception at Buckingham Palace just about a year ago, because of the nature of her new hairstyle, many are saying she reminds them of how the Princess of Wales used to appear in public.

Take a look at a pic of Kate Middleton's bangs and green dress next to a photo of Princess Diana here.

The comparisons between Kate Middleton and the late Princess Diana can only be good for the newly minted Royal. For many, the death of Princess Diana represented a tragedy over which they still have not healed completely. Through her new green dress and bangs, Kate Middleton is potentially making the argument that she belongs to a strong tradition of populist figures who are beloved by the people.

We're hoping to see more of Kate Middleton's bangs, and maybe even a little bit more of the Duchess in green, whether it be through this dress or some other one, at any of the many of the nation's holiday parties later this year. Till then, we'll be content with the windswept pics we have, and the sepia hues of Princess Diana's photos as well.

And if you were wondering about Kate Middleton's hair color, Richard Ward claims that the dye is L'Oreal Symbio and Fuento Organic, and he charges approximately $376 a session for it. Talk about more 'bangs' for your buck.