Earlier today, Buckingham Palace announced that Prince William and Kate Middleton were expecting their first child. Now that the pregnancy has been confirmed, the biggest gossip will be surrounding the gender of the child and the potential names.

ABC News reports that, no matter what the gender, the baby will most likely be heir to the throne. Last year, the head of 16 Commonwealth countries agreed to altered the rules of succession in the UK so that first-born children could take the throne, no matter what gender they are. Queen Elizabeth II was only eligible to be the queen because her father had no male children. Now, as the times change, so do the unfair rules regarding the succession of the British Monarchy. "Put simply, if the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were to have a little girl, that girl would one day be our queen," British Prime Minister David Cameron said in 2011.

What are some potential baby names for the royal child? Robert Lacey, author of "Majesty," spoke to ABC News about potential baby names. Lacey predicts that the royal couple will stick to "traditional names." "William has a great sense of history from working with his grandmother. The queen would have him over for tea to teach him about history and the workings of the monarchy."

Royals normally have three or four names. Prince Williams's full name is William Arthur Phillip Louis. His father's full name is Charles Philip Arthur George, better known as Prince Charles. Lacey added that it is unlikely that the child will be named after Princess Diana, William's mother, if it is a girl. But, Diana might be one of the middle names. He said theres a possibility she could be named "Elizabeth Diana Something." "It shows the bravery with which he's kept his mother's memory alive, right down to the ring on Kate's finger," Lacey said.

If the child is a boy, then he could be named after William's father, Prince Charles, or William's grandfather, Prince Phillip. He could even have "William" or "Harry," for the Prince's brother, in his name.

One things for sure, the child won't be named "Hashtag."