GoPro is debuting a new video camera in 2016, but will try something different. The new camcorder will double as a drone. Dubbed the ‘Karma,’ this 360-degree camera will be the newest edition to the GoPro line. “If life is a dream, then why not see it as one,” is the tagline for the new device. The Karma will release sometime in the first half of 2016.

Check out the brief demo video:

The Karma has a lot of competition in the DJI Phantom 3 Professional, regarded as the best drone camera on the market right now and running premium Sony 4K video hardware. Many GoPro customers were disappointed with the company's newest 1080p GoPro Hero4 Session. A GoPro Hero4 Black upgrade in portable form would likely have sold much better even at a higher price than the tiny Hero4 Session, GoPro’s cheapest camera. Customers want the 4K experience of the Hero4 Black in the body of the lower-priced, take-anywhere Hero4 Session but the upgrade released this summer ultimately failed to offer the features a premium device should. Why such low image quality specs? The company basically admitted defeat when it dropped the price from $399 to just $199.

Just this month GoPro launched 4K Amazon TV Channel , but the only camera that shoots in 4K is the Hero4 Black which debuted over a year ago. GoPro also recently updated its iOS app with Apple Watch compatibility. The ability to control the video camera hands free by using a remote control planted on your wrist is revolutionary. Imagine being able to do so with a 4K drone.

DJI is a drone company while GoPro is an action video company. GoPro currently has drone attachments for its cameras, but does not sell an actual drone camera. GoPro has the connections to partner with a drone-savvy company but the faster GoPro updates its camera tech, the better.  The YouTube video shows the Karma supporting at least 1440p resolution, but it's unclear if that will be the end result. If it is, the price should be cheaper than DJI’s Phantom 4K quadcopter.  A 360-degree video feature would set GoPro apart from other drone cameras, but the competition is not slowing down. The Federal Aviation Administration expects 400,000 drone registration requests in the coming months after thousands of holiday UAV quadcopter purchases.

GoPro challenger Mokacam is the world’s smallest 4K video camera. It could be what the Hero4 Session wanted to be for $200. Arriving in February, the device has a super convenient magnetic mount feature. It is also compatible with all GoPro mounts, clamps and harnesses. It’s unlikely GoPro will focus on a mini-4K video camera anytime soon seeing the Hero4 Session was just released. However, GoPro could lose that niche market to other companies offering small, high-quality, affordable cameras like Mokacam’s.

The DJI Phantom 3 4K drone camera sells for about $1,300. Karma's price point will probably be in the same range given the hardware involved.