Kanye West is one crazy guy. That's why it's no surprise that the controversial rapper wore a straightjacket while performing in Abu Dhabi.

Kanye West's straitjacket ensemble was revealed when he took stage in one of his recent Abu Dhabi shows. The straitjacket, which is often spelled "straight jacket," was tied up and restricted the rapper from making any movements. The costume was a clear attempt to provoke reactions from members of the media nad from fans.

Other pop stars including Madonna and Lady Gaga have performed similar stunts. The pop stars often choose to wear shocking clothes or conduct themselves in a controversial manner in places that are often considered to have conservative views of how people should act.

Kanye West's straitjacket performance can be seen as social commentary being made about the discourse happening on blogs that involve his name. Now that he's the soon-to-be father of Kim Kardashian's baby, Kanye West has been ridiculed by critics and conservatives that think the "crazy" star isn't ready to be a father.

Despite his concerted effort to be brazen, Kanye failed to jar most people. Complex Magazine compiled an exhaustive list of musicians and pop stars that have worn straightjackets. As you might imagine, such imagery is far from original.

Kanye West is no stranger to wearing controversial clothing. Back during the 2012 Hurricane Sandy Relief Concert, Kanye West wore a leather kilt that had Twitter buzzing. Most people were curious as to why the rapper decided to wear something so offbeat. Since that moment, Kanye has been adamant about proving that he's hard to predict when it comes to fashion.

Here's how Twitter reacted to Kanye West's straightjacket: