For around 6 months, I've been listening to K-POP on a regular basis as I find the music is way more addictive than anything that's currently on the air waves in the U.S. Groups like 2NE1, Girls' Generation and Wonder Girls have not only kept me entertained with her excessively attractive group members, but their songs are legimitately good, even if I can't understand anything they're saying as I don't know a lick of Korean.

PSY is an artist I'm not too familiar with as he's been on a hiatus for the past two years. The single from his latest album, Gangnam Style, received the video treatment on July 15 and has since blown up in popularity as the video is currently at 16 million views and counting.

Gangnam Style is a song where PSY is singing about his ideal girlfriend as he wants a girl who knows how to present herself in the appropriate manner during the day, but also knows how to have fun at night. The video has PSY dancing with a number of attractive women, performing on a party bus and busting out dance moves you would likely see someone who has been riding the Horse Riding Fitness Ace Power on a regular basis.

The majority of K-POP groups have attractive men, women or both and often have catchy beats with often times cute or sexy appeal to their fans. What makes PSY's music video so great is not only does it have a ridiculously addictive beat, but PSY isn't exactly what you would consider cool by K-POP terms. Instead, he's awkward looking, overweight and may have too much confidence, but he carries himself so well that you can't help but think he's cool no matter what he's doing.

Regardless of his awkward looks, PSY's Gangnam Style is a video that will certainly turn K-POP non-believers into immediate fans once you watch the video.