Justin Bieber, who vomited twice during one of his sold-out concerts of the "Believe" tour in Glendale, Arizona, became an animated video by the Taiwanese artists.

The animators at Next Media Animation decided to graphically redo the entire incident with the usage of bright colors and fantasy characters.

The projectile itself was given a bright green color which seemed to be gushing out of the artist's mouth onto the amused audience, shown repeatedly from different angles and closer views. From pea green, it changes to purple puke and then into rainbow-colored vomit with unicorns prancing side by side, that is showered upon Bieber's front row spectators.

The front row fans are seen cheering and applauding the spectacle in this Taiwanese video. Later, one particular female fan boldly makes her way to the front, leading her to be covered with the pop sensation's leftovers, keeping her mouth open the entire time.

The video can be termed as either funny or disgusting, but realistically what happened that Saturday night in the JoBing.com arena in Arizona was an entirely different story.

The first time the "Boyfriend" pop sensation puked was on the stage in front of the audience when he was in the middle of "Out of Town Girl." Fortunately, the second time Bieber was able to run off stage while he was performing "Beauty and the Beat" but had to stop the show briefly.

It looks like this particular video could be for both the lovers and haters of Bieber.