Jon Stewart isn't the type of person to bring a knife to a gun fight. He proved that last night during "The Daily Show" when the famous cable show host began chastising gun control antagonists. Although the revered host took a break from his hosting spot on "The Daily show" for 24 days, it didn't take long for him to get right back to work where he left off.

"In the wake of some of events that have happened -- Newtown, Aurora, Portland, Tucson -- finally, everyone from the NRA to the marine county kumbaya patrol is ready to talk about gun violence," said Jon Stewart. "Although to be faire the kumbaya patrol has been ready for quite some time now."

Stewart then begins to introduce comments made by the NRA and its supporters. Many of the talking heads and spokespeople have spoken publicly about "getting to the root" of the gun violence problem without making it harder to get guns in any way. Some gun control antagonists suggest that the root of the problem is in sin while others suggest that America's obsession with violence in film and video games eventually translates to violence in the streets.

After listening to a few minutes of ridiculous banter from the experts, Jon Stewart falls asleep at his desk. When he wakes up, there's a huge assault rifle sitting in his lap.

"I'm not sure what happened!" yells Stewart as he waved a gigantic firearm in the air.

"I blacked out in the middle of that, and I woke up with an AK-47 in my hand!" he said as he frantically tried to solve the mystery. "...or whatever this is, and I'm sure I'll get letters about what this really is, which is plastic, is what it really is."

J.K. Trotter at The Atlantic Wire has an apparently keen eye for plastic guns. He says that the plastic gun Jon Stewart was holding was an M16A2.

To see Jon Stewart's plastic gun bit on "The Daily Show," click the video below:

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