Jon Hamm, the beloved actor from the hit AMC television show "Mad Men," is one of the most desirable men in Hollywood, and if the recent rumors circulating the Web are true, there's one more big reason to love him. Jon Hamm is rumored to have been asked to wear undergarments while filming "Mad Men" because the bulge from beneath his pants became too evident to ignore.

Rumors about Jon Hamm's privates began circulating the Internet soon after the New York Daily News posted a revealing story about his private parts in the gossip pages of the newspaper. Hamm reportedly films most of his scenes without any underwear on, and in the past, members of the crew have been forced to Photoshop Jon Hamm's crotch in order to make promotional footage viewable to younger audiences.

During the filming of the sixth show, it's rumored that Jon Hamm was asked to wear underwear by a staff member of "Mad Men" because the close-fitting clothing clung a little too closely to his leg. Since Jon Hamm wasn't wearing any underwear at the time, his gigantic bulge was reportedly hard to ignore. "His privates are the inside joke," said an anonymous source in the NY Daily News story, who also said that Jon Hamm "knows what he's got."

"Imagine how distracting that would be on the side of a bus or building," said the source. "When the promotional pictures came back the first few seasons, we had to work with them. Everyone was concerned about too much Christina Hendricks boob, but it's Jon that has the most to show. It's a good problem to have."

Jon Hamm has been a good sport about the whole thing. When Yahoo News politely asked him if the rumors were true, he politely side-stepped the question. ""Yes," said Jon Hamm, "but I don't need to talk about that."

As you can imagine, fans on Twitter have been buzzing about the Jon Hamm rumor. Here's exactly what Twitter fans are saying about the bulge in Jon Hamm's pants:

"My wife is in the other room excitedly talking to her friend about jon hamm. is there a new mad men episode?" tweeted Mark Hoppus.

"Bumped into Jon Hamm in mens room at Mad Men premiere party. No, I didn't look nor did I ask. #badreportingbyme," reported Joe Flint.

"Thanks @JerrySpringer! RT @joyoncurrent: What is it about Jon Hamm that's causing such a distraction? #SayAnything," tweeted Joy Behar.

"One time Jon Hamm spun around too fast and knocked over the other castmembers like a fire hydrant hitting a stack of dominoes," tweeted Chase Mitchell.

"Huge Dick Whitman RT @jorcohen Jon Hamm was scolded for not wearing underwear on the "Mad Men" set?? ," tweeted Slad Sohmer.