Joe Budden has been in the news recently, since he kicked out a fan who complained about his concert on Twitter, and recently joined VH1's "Love and Hip Hop NY." But, today, Budden made the news because of an alleged nude picture that has been circulating the internet.

MediaTakeout reported that they obtained the picture from a hacker who claims to have stolen the picture from Joe Budden's phone. MediaTakeout didn't elaborate on how the hacker stole the pictures, and didn't post them since they were illegally obtained. But, the pictures showed up on Twitter (warning: they are (obviously) graphic and NSFW).

Joe Budden has taken to Twitter to discuss the leaked nude pictures.

Joe Budden ‏@JoeBudden

#1. That picture is altered. #.2 I have no issue leaking my own d---, lol #3. 2 the men commenting, who raised u n-----?

He continued on his Twitter, explaining that he was willing to go to court over the accuracy of the photos.

Fans (and haters) on Twitter have been tweeting about the leaked pictures, shocked about the Joe Budden leaked pictures, and many of his female fans are a little disappointed. Joe Budden himself has tweeted about the "issue" (link to the tweet here),

Here are what some fans are saying:

Awesomely Luvvie ‏@Luvvie

I just saw the picture. Joe Budden should be a MUCH nicer person than he is b/c he doesn't have the right to be a d---head . ZING!!!

Beebe Bluff ‏@KynKouture

& now I kno why all Joe Budden's b------ leave him

It seems to us that, since Budden has been tweeting about the pictures himself, that they're actually real (though he claims they've been "altered"). We won't post/link to the pictures here, but if you really want to see them, then a quick search in Twitter should help you out.