joe biden Photo: Reuters

After putting out one of the most powerful speeches of the 2012 DNC, it seems Joe Biden is looking for a way to kick back and relax a bit while on the campaign trail. But how laid back, might be too laid back?

Today, some photos surfaced from the Ohio campaign trail, which have become a hot item on Twitter causing quite a reaction by those who have viewed them. It seems the gaffing but lovable Vice President Joe Biden, affectionately referred to by some as "Crazy Uncle Joe", is aiming to bring sexy back to the presidency, starting one biker troupe, and particularly biker chic, at a time.

Here's just a sample from the selection.

Joe Biden Biker Chic Photo: Twitter

Of course it's probably not surprising to find a number of individuals rolling eyes or raising eyebrows with these envelope-pushing photos. To be honest, they almost made me think of something that belongs in Will Ferrell & Zach Galifianakis' recent political comedy, The Campaign.

At any rate, America, looking for a way to vent their wide array of their emotions, took to Twitter to let it all out.

Irritated tweeter @seanhackbarth said "Joe Biden is a creepy man."

While surprised @I676 added "Yes, a biker chick sitting on Joe Biden's lap. What?"

Still, smug @mtgrove inserts, "#obama must be so proud of the classless clown RT @thehill: Biden gets friendly with female bike".

Whatever the motivation was behind these "interesting" photos, one thing is for sure; it's getting a reaction. In fact, on Sunday evening, a trending Twitter hashtag was born devoted to the Biden biker photos called #JoeBidenBikerGangs

Check out a few of the interesting biker gangs concept names that evolved:

‏@CO2Insanity #JoeBidenBikerGangs - Obamacare Outlaws

@RightInAcademia #JoeBidenBikerGangs Sons of Socialism

‏@iEricKohn #JoeBidenBikerGangs Literally Hell's Angels

‏@iowahawkblog #JoeBidenBikerGangs Sons of Lobotomy

‏@joseph_deal #JoeBidenBikerGangs The Dumb Bastards

@middlemom #JoeBidenBikerGangs Delaware Am I (?)

@TemeculaV #JoeBidenBikerGangs Pea Brain Bike Riders

‏@MKReagan@Alicia701 #JoeBidenBikerGangs Obama's Angels

@JustMePammy #JoeBidenBikerGangs The Square Tires

@fubaglady #JoeBidenBikerGangs Racist Slurs Curs

#JoeBidenBikerGangs Libs on Wheels

‏@RyanRhodes Hope Hooligans #JoeBidenBikerGangs #tcot #teaparty

‏@corrcomm #JoeBidenBikerGangs The Crazy Ramblers

@shovelridr #JoeBidenBikerGangs Freedom Killers

@p_bruce #JoeBidenBikerGangs MRI Skulls

@kasommer #JoeBidenBikerGangs Hemmorhoiders from Hell

@TemeculaV #JoeBidenBikerGangs Saudi Oil Gophers

@Libertarian_ish The Prostate Glands #JoeBidenBikerGangs

‏@LooneyLaura2 #JoeBidenBikerGangs The Out-of-his-mind-ers

@corrcomm #JoeBidenBikerGangs The Green Electric Biker Club

@iowahawkblog #JoeBidenBikerGangs Satan's Short Bus

@HarrietBaldwin #JoeBidenBikerGangs The Stand Upchucks

@GreeneBri #JoeBidenBikerGangs Easy Bribers

@gu1tar #JoeBidenBikerGangs Sons of Anooky

@ProofBlog #JoeBidenBikerGangs Viagra's Valkyries

‏@cpalmero27 #JoeBidenBikerGangs Bad to the Boner!

@VoteRomneyDalek Old Farts with Hair Plugs Taking Kickbacks Under the Radar of the MSM of Dover #JoeBidenBikerGangs

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