The 85th Annual Academy Awards, or Oscars, are over. Now, we hungry pop-culturalists must mull over the web for juicy tidbits of gossip and drama about Sunday night's events until the cycle begins anew next year. Many surprising moments occurred during the Academy Awards, including Michelle Obama presenting the award for Best Picture via satellite and a Best Sound Editing award tie between "Skyfall" and "Zero Dark Thirty." Other embarrassing moments at the 2013 Oscars included Anne Hathaway's wardrobe malfunction and Seth MacFarlane in general.

The most charming flub of the evening goes, in our eyes, to Best Actress Jennifer Lawrence. Trips are inevitable when one wears as big a dress as "Silver Linings Playbook" star Jennifer Lawrence did. On her way up the steps to accept her award as Best Actress at the Oscars, Jennifer Lawrence tripped on her Dior Couture dress, having a momentary fall on the steps, which you can view below.

Of course, Hugh Jackman rushed to the stage to help her, gentleman that he is, but Lawrence quickly regained her balance and proceeded to her gracious and self-effacing speech, making light of her trip and thanking the other nominees for their kindness and incredible performances. Jennifer Lawrence's trip will likely be overshadowed by her memorable performance in "Silver Linings Playbook," though other embarrassing Oscar moments will not soon be forgotten. Below are five of the worst and most embarrassing Oscar moments in the history of the Academy awards.

1. James Cameron Wins For Best Director, "Titanic"; Thinks he's "King Of The World"

When James Cameron won his Academy Award for directing "Titanic," he wasn't afraid to let everyone know that he though he deserved the award. At the end of his speech, he shouted "I'm the king of the world!" The quote, pulled from "Titanic" was a bit obvious, though everyone laughed anyway.

2. Marlon Brando asks Native American activist to refuse award on his behalf

This blunder was particularly awkward for, we think, everyone involved. After a stunning comeback as the titular role in Francis Ford Coppola's "The Godfather," Brando still maintained his distaste for Hollywood, using the opportunity of his award reception as a platform for a bizarre political performance: Brando hired Native American activist Sacheen Littlefeather to refuse the award on his behalf, citing gross misrepresentations of Native Americans in television and cinema, as well as the recently occurring incident at Wounded Knee. Littlefeather was booed and an Academy Award show producer threatened to have her removed from the premises if her speech lasted more than one minute. The awkward speech served as a precedent for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to ban future proxy award acceptances.

3. Rob Lowe Dances With Snow White in Awkward, Saccharin, Never-Ending Number

Flavorwire explains this particular nightmare:

The most notorious of all Academy Award telecasts, the one that still sends shivers down the spines of would-be Oscar producers, aired on March 29, 1989. It was produced by Allan Carr, who followed his one hit (Grease) with a string of flops (including the Village People epic Can't Stop the Music). Carr's big opening musical number was a humdinger: an endless (ten-plus minutes) nonsensical nightmare in which Snow White (played by an unknown young actress named Eileen Bowman) comes to Hollywood, sings her way through the Shrine Auditorium, and lands at an onstage replica of the Copacabana Club, where there is singing and dancing and a rather unfortunate duet with Rob Lowe (then trying to clean up his image after a sex tape scandal - what a trailblazer!). Lowe would eventually recover from the debacle; Bowman (who recently talked to The Hollywood Reporter about the incident) fled Los Angeles immediately, returning to her home of San Diego. Disney filed a lawsuit against the Academy for its unauthorized use of their version of Snow White (whoops). An open letter from 17 Hollywood stars - including Paul Newman, Julie Andrews, and Gregory Peck - proclaimed the telecast "an embarrassment to both the Academy and the entire motion picture industry." But not everyone was embarrassed; just this week, Oscar-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody tweeted, "I remember watching the Rob Lowe/Snow White Oscar number live and thinking it was AWESOME." However, she added a caveat: "I was 10."

4. James Franco and Anne Hathaway co-host; everyone is bored to tears

Business Insider describes the snooze-fest:

What better way to boost Oscar ratings among teh prime youth demographic than getting two famous younger actors to host? It didn't work. James Franco seemed to be completely uninterested in keeping the telecast lively. And Anne Hathaway overcompensated by bringing more energy than the Energizer Bunny on speed. The result was a mishmash of boring and over-the-top jokes. Watch their monologue here.

5. Sean Penn takes himself too seriously: in front of a live audience has the details:

Note to Sean Penn - get a sense of humour. Actors are there to be shot at and when you have someone like Chris Rock on stage you can expect a few jokes at Hollywood's expense. So when he asked the question: "Who is Jude Law? Why is he in every movie I have seen in the last four years? Even if he's not acting in it, if you look at the credits he makes the cupcakes or something," it's funny. Not to Sean Penn, who strode on to stage and announced: "Forgive my lack of humour ... Jude Law is one of our most talented actors." Seriously, get a life Sean Penn. If the pictures are anything to go by, Jude Law has a small part all the time.

6. Bonus: (Drunk?) Jennifer Garner caught mid-trip in Oscars 2013 after-party

jennifer garner oscars 2013 trip after party Jennifer Garner trips at Oscar 2013 Vanity Fair after-party Reuters

Jennifer Lawrence's trip at Oscars 2013 wasn't the only Jennifer trip at the Academy Awards. Here's a photo of Jennifer Garner, mid-misstep at Vanity Fair's Oscars after-party.