Big shocker (or maybe not) for "Teen Mom" fans! The always headline making Jenelle Evans is back in the news, and it's not about nude photos or a divorce from new hubby Courtland Rogers. The "Teen Mom" star is pregnant ... again!

Evans, now 21, stars in MTV's "Teen Mom 2." Already a mother to 3-year-old Jace, the reality star broke the news to Star magazine.

"Me and Jenelle are so happy she's pregnant," Evans husband Courtland Rogers told Star. "She told me, I'm looking forward to a second chance."

Usually active on Twitter shooting down and clearing up rumors, both Evans and Rogers have personally kept hush on the baby news. Rogers did however tweet a few hours ago, "I can't comment on anything though I wish I could all I can say is pick up a copy of star magazine or goto to find out."

One person not keeping quiet about the pregnancy is Rogers' ex-girlfriend and baby momma, Taylor. Rogers shares young daughter JaJa with Taylor, and the relationship has been a constant struggle between not only Rogers and Taylor, but Evans as well. Earlier today Taylor tweeted "Okay I know she's pregnant just because she pregnant does not mean she's clean. Also she's 6 weeks pregnant and she has been doing drugs I know but hopefully she knows she pregnant she can stop for the baby. But its really hard to quit cold turkey I been going through this with Courtland since I was 14 ... he hasn't stopped either soo if she wants to do right she can't have Kourt still getting high around her." A rough tweet, Taylor ended it by saying that the hopes the best from them that "maybe this baby will change them for JaJa and Jace. I got faith in them."

A "16 And Pregnant" fan Twitter account tweeted that by their calculations, baby number two may have been conceived on the night of their wedding! The duo were married in a quickie courthouse wedding on Dec. 4. At the time of their wedding fans had speculated that Evans was pregnant.

According to RadarOnline, the baby is due Sept. 4, and Evans hopes that "if she can prove that she's a good mother, she can get Jace back."

On Jan. 5 Evans tweeted, "SO tired. Why do doctors schedule shit so early!!" The "Teen Mom" star was immediately bombarded with responses of people asking if she was pregnant, and telling her that the morning is when a baby is "most active." Evans immediately went on the defense, tweeting "I'm not pregnant I'm on birth control." But one tweet didn't seem to be enough to stop the pregnancy questions.

"I'm not pregnant. Jesus, still weighing only 100lbs over here ... Lol," she continued, following up with, "I HAD A PSYCHIATRIST APPOINTMENT TODAY, IM NOT PREGNANT."

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