CORRECTION: Despite many media outlets wishing it were true, it turns out that no one is in fact dumb enough to post a cash-bath selfie when one's own mother is under investigation for corruption charges. The cash-bath selfie is actually a stock image used by a Jeane Napoles hate page. However, the wealthy Philippines woman does have a history of posting images and video of her lavish lifestyle online, which is problematic when you don't file taxes. The tax evasion charges stemming from her online wealth-boasting is real, the salacious cash-bath selfie is not.

Jeane Napoles has long irked followers for her ostentatious showing of wealth across her numerous social media accounts. But her wealth-bragging may finally have caught up with her after the 23-year-old Philippines socialite was charged with tax evasion after posting a photo of herself in a bathtub filled with cash, reported. A cash-bath selfie would be ill-advised at any time, but especially questionable when your mother is being investigated over one of the country's biggest corruption scandals.

Napoles, who was living in the U.S. and owns a Ritz Charlton condominium in L.A., that she is trying to sell for $1.475 million, as well as a $339,000 home in the Philippines, has long flaunted her extravagant lifestyle on social media, Huffington Post reported. While rich kids bragging on Instagram about private jets, pet lions on Ferraris and lavish homes is nothing new, it's probably best to lie low when your mother is being charged with helping members of the Philippine parliament embezzle 10 billion pesos ($230 million) in government funds, per Napoles' mother Janet, a businesswoman, three opposition senators as well as former President Gloria Arroyo, who is in jail for election fraud and graft, are among those under investigation for the misuse of funds.

Napoles' mother's alleged links to the corruption scandal that sparked massive rallies, were first reported in Filipino newspapers in June. The younger Napoles posted the cash-bath selfie, which shows a smiling Napoles, covered in money and throwing bills into the air, in August, per HuffPost. This apparently led to Napoles being charged with tax evasion last Thursday.

"We read the newspapers. We follow the Internet. That is where we heard about her," Bureau of Internal Revenue chief Kim Henares told Napoles, a student studying fashion design, had not filed any income tax returns, which is evidence in itself of tax evasion, according to Henares. "We have always said there is nothing wrong with being rich as long you pay the right taxes," she added.

Though her mother's high-profile scandal probably focused more scrutiny on the attention-seeking Napoles, the tax evasion complaint against the young woman was not connected to the corruption case, Henares told Henares denied any political motive in prosecuting the daughter and that the tax laws are just being enforced. She said: "Whether it is her fault or her mother's fault, someone will go to jail."

Perhaps, Napoles was just trying to recreate the Dorito chips bath meme. But while the Doritos bath is awesome, recreating it with cash if just tacky. What do you think of Napoles' cash-bath selfie? Let us know in the comments.

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