"Listen, you screwheads. Here is a man who would not take missed calls anymore."

This is the text found in the description of trending You Tube viral video "Japanese Guy's iPhone Quick Draw System" and from the moment I read it, I knew this one was bound to be a classic.

So what is the iPhone quick draw system? Well, initially it looks like a serious video with the opening clip being a drawing of some device, presumably the iPhone Quick Draw System" invention, but it is surrounded by Japanese text so what exactly the drawing represents is not immediately apparent. The video then switches over to a young Asian man, presumably Japanese, based on the title of the video, that has rigged to his arm, a combination of metal and Velcro contraption with an iPhone 5 attached--the infamous iPhone Quick Draw system.

Within seconds, the audience becomes aware why it is referred to as a Quick Draw System as before our eyes we watch what looks like an Inspector Gadget extremity shoot out from the demonstrator's arm, with the iPhone attached, expediting the path to the user's ear for answering.

The iPhone 5 begins its path attached to the rig up and with a quick swing of the arm, the spring is activated which sends the iPhone up its trajectory and prepares for answering.

Of course at first viewers won't know what to make of the iPhone Quick Draw system but it doesn't take long to realize the parody-like elements found there. Including everything from the serious head popped backward nod, seemingly saying "wat up" to the quick spin arounds where the actor shows off his iPhone Quick Release ystem in a variety of poses and situations and on every limb of his body,before long you'll find yourself grinning and wanting to share the iPhone Quick Draw System video with a friend.

To explain it is really too difficult, so best at this point for you just to watch it--you won't be disappointed.

Here's just a few comments from others concerning the video on YouTube:

"I loved this video so much I instantly added it to favorites.You sir are fu**ing awesome and I hope you make a thousand more videos just like this!"

"If he could get it to answer and hang up by doing the action, It would be perfect for certain amputees."

"This is just huge!! The guy is an artist!"

Japanese Guy's iPhone Quick Draw System