[UPDATE 7/15 6:30pm EST] Slashgear has posted another collection of leaked photos which allegedly show the colored shells and external buttons that will adorn the low-cost iPhone which is also rumored to be coming on the iPhone 5S release date.

[UPDATE 7/16 9:45am EST] A new report suggests that limited quantities of fingerprint scanners will likely force Apple to drastically reduce their plans for the iPhone 5S release date. Of course, with a drastically reduced opening day supply, Apple is virtually guaranteed a few days worth of "iPhone 5S Sold Out Everywhere" headlines.

After a slew of leaks left many iPhone fans wondering if an official iPhone 5S release date announcement could be just around the corner, the seemingly unending well of leaked iPhone 5S photos suddenly ran dry, but new reports from the last few days seem to back up previous iPhone 5S release date rumors.

Yet another industry observer, Jefferies & Co. analyst Peter Misek, has joined the chorus of voices claiming that the Apple supply chain will begin producing the iPhone 5S sometime before the end of July, with plans to launch the next iPhone sometime this fall. The prevailing theory points to an iPhone 5S release date sometime during September, though Apple has yet to confirm any of the myriad iPhone 5S release date rumors currently floating around the web.

As Slashgear notes, Misek's claims should certainly be taken with a grain of salt, given that the Jefferies & Co. analyst has already been wrong about the production schedule for Apple's next iPhone once this year. Previously, Misek has suggested that production of the next iPhone would begin in March, with Apple eyeing an iPhone 5S release date sometime in June or July.

In other news, recent rumors have suggested that Apple could be looking to break into the chip manufacturing industry, presumably in an effort to extricate itself from its current reliance on primary competitor Samsung for the processors currently found inside various models of the iPhone. It's not clear if Apple has already spoken directly with one or more companies about the possibility of substantial investment and/or buy-outs, though we can't imagine Apple would confirm such information publicly until a deal had been finalized anyways.

Of course, despite the talk of moving chip production in-house, recent reports have suggested Apple still plans to rely on Samsung to produce the processor is ultimately found inside of the iPhone 6 that is heavily rumored to debut sometime during 2014. Regardless, even if Apple was to get into the processor manufacturing game tomorrow, the company will be likely be forced to rely on other companies for the A7 chip expected to debut on the iPhone 5S release date for the duration of the next iPhone's lifetime.

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