New reports suggest the iPhone 5S release date might not be coming in June 2013 after all, though some choice hardware upgrades should help justify the extended waiting period for Apple fans across the globe.

The folks at iLounge have posted a new report which suggests Apple might not be eyeing the previously rumored June 2013 iPhone 5S release date after all, but likely as the result of a decision to pack their next phone with some undeniable improvements over the iPhone 5 hardware. Apple was semi-widely criticized with the release of the iPhone 5, by those who believed that it was only an incremental update over the iPhone 4S, but the complaints clearly didn't have much impact on the device's final sales figures.

The upgrades could be a good omen though, considering that prior rumors have suggested the iPhone 5S is viewed as an incremental upgrade by Apple executives. At the very least, the newly rumored iPhone 5S upgrades is likely to leave many readers wondering just what to expect when Apple eventually announces the iPhone 6, or the rumored cheaper/smaller iPhone that many expect the company to introduce in the near future.

Cosmetically, the iPhone 5S will supposedly look "very much like the iPhone 5"; however, a handful of changes will be coming to the new phone when it arrives later this year. Many believed the iPhone 5 to have one of the best cameras on the current round of high-end smartphones, though there was certainly some dispute over that fact, and Apple is expected to answer that speculation with a new 13-megapixel rear-facing camera sensor from Sony. It's believed that the iPhone 5S will also ship with a larger, improved LED flash and a slightly faster processor to boot.

The tech site also became the latest to suggest that Apple will begin mass producing their next phone in late March or early April, with a July 2013 target for the iPhone 5S release date. Of course, not everyone believes the widely rumored Summer 2013 timeline for the iPhone 5S release date, including (we'd bet) at least one French tech blog.

On Friday, published photos which they claim to be of internal components from the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6. While the site agrees that the iPhone 5S will be an incremental upgrade over the iPhone 5, the team seems to believe that the iPhone 5S release date and iPhone 6 release date might not be separated by the typical year between Apple phones.

The report also mentioned the recently rumored, questionably-named 4.8-inch iPhone Math; however, there doesn't appear to be any new information regarding the supposed iPhone Math's other tech specs or release schedule at this time. The rumors gained some traction this week after Apple CEO Tim Cook dodged a question about the rumored jump to multiple iPhone models during an Apple quarterly conference call.

When do you think Apple will release the iPhone 5S? What do you think will be different when the phone finally ships?

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