New reports suggest that the iPhone 5S release date could bring another doubling of the phone's internal storage sizes, presumably meaning that the most expensive version of the next iPhone will also becomes Apple's first ever 128GB iOS device.

It's been a big week for iPhone 5S release date rumors, though today's rumor is certainly one of the more logical and exciting possibilities to emerge ahead of Apple's official reveal. According to a new report from @iNeal, the latest beta build of iOS 6.1 has a 128GB disk partition key in the operating system's BuildManifest. While it's hardly confirmation from Apple themselves, if true, the presence of the partition key certainly suggests that Apple is preparing for the upcoming release of at least one new 128GB iOS devices.

Of course, it's always possible that the new keys could be in preparation for the rumored iPad 5 or an unannounced upgrade to the iPod Touch; however, it would be particularly surprising to see Apple up the internal storage of its iPod Touch line without also giving the option to iPhone customers as well. To be honest, we'd like to see the expanded internal storage head to all of Apple's iOS products, because it's pretty easy to fill 64GB of internal storage these days.

Earlier this weekend, photos of alleged internal components from the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 also appeared online, though it's hard to know how much faith should be placed in the snapshots. Many rumors have suggested that Apple is not yet mass producing internal components for the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 yet, which is typically the period when such photos emerge.

More importantly, the supposed component photos don't reveal anything new or particularly exciting about the development of either, outside of possible additional confirmation that Apple is already hard at work on at least one follow-up to the wildly successful iPhone 5.

There also appears to be a new debate about just when the iPhone 5S release date will be, with a weekend iLounge report suggesting that Apple could be eyeing a July 2013 release window instead of the previously rumored June launch. The site says their sources believe Apple will begin mass producing its next iPhone sometime during March or April, and an earlier update from iLounge suggests the strangely-named iPhone Math (possibly iPhone +) could be real after all.