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Looking some awesome for iPhone 5 winterboard themes to showcase your iOS 6 jailbreak at its best? Well, browsing around Cydia you’ll notice about each day a few more Winterboard and Dreamboard themes are being updated and optimized for iPhone 5 and iOS 6 evasi0n jailbreak. As a result, I decided I’d share a few more I’ve found for those who may still be searching for the perfect theme. If you missed the first five I put out last week, ( Best iPhone 5 Compatible Cydia Themes : iOS 6 Winterboard Magic With These 5 Themes ) check those out as well as the five new iPhone 5 Winterboard/Dreamboard themes I have listed below.


Gyro HD 3 iPhone 5

This is probably one on the best looking iPhone 5 Dreamboard themes I’ve seen today. It’s innovative, and I really love the wide picture icons that make your home screen both functional and artsy. This theme has been recently updated and optimized for iOS 6 and the iPhone 5. Gyro HD3 for iPhone 5 is a winner in my book. Check out the photos and video below to decide for yourself.

Gyro HD 3 for iPhone 5

Gyro HD 3 for iPhone 5 Gyro HD 3 for iPhone 5


XiD (i5)

A steely and dark blue/grey theme by joker (@jokerg7) XiD has a definite techie feel and is found on Cydia’s tweak/app store. The creator of the package has recently released an update—XiD i5--which optimizes the theme for use with iPhone 5.

XiD i5 XiD i5


byCon v2

A kind of fun and modern theme created by RDGV it includes gradient backgrounds, rounded icons, and a plethora of ways to customize your iPhone 5 using this Winterboard theme found in Cydia’s tweak/app store.

byCon v2 byCon v2



Is a really cool kind of dark and sleek theme with beautifully styled and detailed icons. The theme shows care and planning and includes a full range of features such as color keyboard, SBSettings and more. It has recently been optimized to suit the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 and is now available on the Cydia Tweak/app store.

Ambriel Ambriel


LS Perfection

A beautiful Winterboard theme optimized for iOS 6 and the iPhone 5. This theme is not found in Cydia's tweak/theme store but can be downloaded HERE and includes instructions for install.

Perfection LD iPhone 5 Theme Perfection LD iPhone 5 Theme


Know of some other great iPhone 5 Themes available through Cydia tweak/app store? Let us know about them in the comments section below!

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Best iOS 6 Cydia Jailbreak Tweaks: 5 Must-Have Productivity and Usability Tweaks For All iOS 6x Devices

Looking for some quality Cydia tweaks to download on your newly jailbroken iOS 6x device? Then look no further!

Here are a few to get you started--though trust me, this set is far from all-inclusive.

The five Cydia Tweaks I'm featuring today I consider to be essential for increasing productivity, multitasking and over-all usability of your iOS 6x device. With these tweaks you'll be safely on your way to having a more satisfying user experience on your jailbroken iOS 6x device. Enjoy and make sure to check back daily for new iOS 6 compatible Cydia tweaks and themes.



This is by far my favorite usability and productivity iOS 6 compatible tweaks on Cydia. Bringing multiple powerful features together at once IntelliScreenX is a must-have in my opinion. So what's so great about it? Basically it brings the most frequently used functions straight to your lockscreen, allowing use of applications such as email, text messaging, Facebook and Twitter feeds, Weather, News and more right from your lockscreen. With a simple swiping motion you can move from Facebook, to Twitter, to Mail, Calendar and more quickly sending replies to SMS/iMessages, composing emails, and posting comments or updates to Twitter and Facebook without even leaving your lock screen. These are just a few of the many features I love about IntelliScreenX. IntelliScreenX is 9.99 (Free 3 Day Trial). To see a demo of this tweak in action check out the video below by iDownloadBlog's Jeff Benjam.


Folder Enhancer/ MultiIcon Mover

OK, so this is an awesome tweak, particularly for those who love to organize and arrange and have everything in its place. So, what does FolderEnhancer do? Well, basically it allows for quick folder opening but also increases the limit of items per folder to 320 ( yes, 320!!!) This is a vast improvement to the 12 icon limit set by Apple folders! Another cool thing about this app is the ability to create folders within folders, just like your own electronic filing cabinet this tweak seriously rocks! I list with it a recommendation to install MultiIconMover also as the MultiIcon Mover does exactly what it sounds like -- moves multiple Icons at once which is quote handy when setting up your folders through Folder Enhancer. Folder Enhancer is $2.49 through the Cydia store. To see a quick clip of how this tweak works check out the video below.



Okay, this to me is like iMessages on crack. It was the very first tweak I ever downloaded and still one of my favorites in the Cydia Store. The great news is, it's recently been updated for compatability with the iOS 6x jailbreak So a few of the features include, quick reply for anywhere in your phone, quick compose without leaving app you are currently using, auto forwarding of messages form one Apple device to another and delivery reports so that you know your message was received. Some cool security and privacy features are passcode ability and notification privacy so that people looking over your shoulder can't automatically see who's messaging you. You can schedule SMS messages to be sent at a later date or repeatedly. For example, it might be a great way to make sure to send you friends' birthday greetings or remind you teenager to grab his backpack and homework folder on a daily basis. It also comes fully equipped with smileys and the ability to add signatures to your messages. These are really only the tip of the BiteSMS icebergs features, but they should be enough to convince you this is THE messaging tweak to have on your newly jailbroken device. The BiteMS tweak is free by default with ads, but for $7.99 you can purchase the license and make the ads disappear for good.



This is the Ultimate multitasking tool in which once you activate allows you to pull up from the bottom of the screen to exit applications or pull up and wait a moment to open the application switcher. My favorite feature though is that you can swipe left and right from the edge of the screen to switch between running applications. This is awesome as it saves cumbersome mashing of button on the home screen and shaves seconds off of task implementation, making you overall more productive. The app is $4.99 in Cydia and well worth it for functionality. To see the app in action, check out the video clip below.



Last but not least, Activator, is by far one of my favorite can't live without jailbreak tweaks. With Activator you can assign activation gestures to any application--Cydia or otherwise. Using familiar gestures such as swipes and taps, expedites your access to favorite applications on your device. For example, with a simple swipe across my status bar, I'm quickly taken to my calendar and daily agenda as this is the gesture assignment I've given that particular application. Or an upward drag of a finger from the left hand corner of my screen, and up pops YouTube, ready for me to check out the latest viral video clip. Best thing about this tweak? It's FREE!!! To see the tweak in action, take a look at the video below.