The iPhone 5 release has been one of the most anticipated event of the 2012 mobile industry year. Though many argue whether or not the iPhone 5 lives up to the expectations, still one thing is certain; There is a population out there just dying to get their hands of the latest Apple iteration, if for nothing more than the status mark. Twitter has taken notice of this phenomena, and in its classic "voice of the people" fashion, has produced a hilarious trending hashtag #ButUGotThatiPhone5Tho that explores just how desperate some folks are or what some folks are willing to do to get and keep that iPhone 5.

Check out some of the funny photos and tweets that have surfaced. Trending for nearly two days now this hashtag makes for some great Monday morning water cooler chat!

Hilarious iPhone 5 Release Photos and Tweets

@theSUNK No lights, no internet, no cable #ButUGotThatiPhone5Tho

@Ron_Dias You have no job #ButUGotThatiPhone5Tho

‏@rajaee_ Buying white t shirts at dollar tree #ButUGotThatiPhone5tho

‏@realdanetrain The rodents in your crib eating better than you.#ButUGotThatiPhone5Tho

‏@JalenBatGang Ramen noodles every night #ButUGotThatiPhone5Tho

Hilarious iPhone 5 Photos and Tweets

‏@xGoodBeinBadx U complainin bout the gas prices #ButUGotThatiPhone5Tho

@DJBRANYou got roaches playing football in your living room#ButUGotThatiPhone5Tho

@YouTwatchiTweet You can't afford the charger #ButUGotThatIPhone5Tho

‏@GuttaBoyBREEZY You parked at Mcdonalds using their wifi #ButUGotThatiPhone5Tho

@DayraWest Asking me if you can use my Netflix account login...#ButUGotThatiPhone5Tho

Hilarious iPhone 5 Photos and Tweets

@ryaninco You collect food stamps #ButUGotThatiPhone5Tho

‏@_OzzyRodriguez You still ain't paid me back... #ButUGotThatiPhone5Tho

@CarltonnBanks Your pictures on instagram get no likes #ButUGotThatiPhone5Tho

@_ISpeakMyTruth Your weave backwards #ButUGotThatiPhone5Tho

iPhone 5 Release funny photos and tweets

‏@HausOfBeyonka Yo TV 8 months pregnant at the back #ButUGotThatiPhone5Tho

‏@JTerrorbyte Your kids look raggedy #ButUGotThatiPhone5Tho

@iSingAyBe You're falling behind in class because you didn't buy your book,#ButUGotThatiPhone5Tho.

@UNCLERUCKUS_BD You're homeless and living in your car - #ButUGotThatiPhone5Tho

Hilarious iPhone 5 Photos and Tweets

@TheWorldOfDG You Riding a Scooter to Work #ButUGotThatiPhone5Tho

‏@_RDotElle LOL RT @Adralicious: you dunno who steve jobs is#ButUGotThatiPhone5Tho

@coyte_kyles you had to put toothpaste on layaway #ButUGotThat iPhone5Tho

@MultusFumo Grocery shopping at the food pantry #ButUGotThat iPhone5Tho

@iTakeOverTLs The Man On Your Polo Riding A Dog #ButUGotThat iPhone5Tho

Hilarious iPhone 5 Photos and Tweets

@Guycantread Your Nikes have a checkmark instead of a swoosh#ButUGotThatIPhone5Tho

‏@VPsoSWEET 5 baby mamas never seen any of your kids#ButUGotThatiPhone5Tho

@VPsoSWEET Sitting in prison facing life #ButUGotThatiPhone5Tho

‏@Tyrone_Spence You stacked your Playstation 1 on your Playstation 2 and called it a Playstation 3 #ButUGotThat IPhone5Tho

Hilarious iPhone 5 Photos and Tweets


@OhHogwarts Muggle devices are not allowed at Hogwarts#ButUGotThatiPhone5Tho.

‏@U_RNotThaFather You got robbed in a back ally & it was either your iPhone5 or you gave head.... #ButUGotThatiPhone5Tho

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