iPhone 5 cases, unlike people, are not created equal. While there are plenty of functional, waterproof/dropproof cases on the market that appeal to most consumers, there are quite a few fringe cases that appeal to unconventional phone users. Here are the top 5 wackiest cases around.

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It's a wallet! It's a phone! It's ... both?

Cygnett answers the age-old question "What if my phone were also a wallet?" This tri-fold case holds your cash and cards while also delivering a protective screen for your iPhone 5. It's got an old-school feel for a new-age piece of tech.


Aurora's i-luv case. photo: i-luv.vom

Tired of boring old cases that just don't look like they would roll balls on Ecstacy and dance, dance, dance to some Dubstep? Aurora's iLuv case is for you. A funky design and a run-of-the-mill case offer basic protection from scratches and small drops, but the glow-in-the-dark feature should save you a ton of money on glowsticks.

My Bike Is My Office.

Schoshe's Reqkase photo: pcmag.com

Schoshe's Reqkase (say that five times fast, or even once correctly) is case that mounts on your bike and protects your phone from falling out of your bag or pocket while also distracting you from running over old ladies at crosswalks. The case is black silicone and can display vertically or horizontally. It offers no rain protection or crash-protection and, as of press time, no airbags. But it's perfect for people who use their bike for all their transportation, or cycling enthusiasts who want to follow some GPS directions and calorie-counting apps while they pedal away.

I Wear My Emoticons On My Sleeve

Belkin's Armband case photo: pcmag.com

Belkin's Ease-Fit Armband is a moisture-resistant case you can wear around your sweaty arm during all your sweaty times. It's also great for people who like to feel like androids.

Dr.Who TARDIS Police Box Case

TARDIS iPhone 5 case photo: zazzle.com

In case waiting on line for hours to get a new cell phone isn't geeky enough for you, double-down your nerd pride with the Dr.Who-inspired TARDIS iPhone 5 case. If you need to have the awesomeness of this case explained to you, trust me, you won't be buying it. If you're in the other camp, you've already followed the link and ordered one.