Apple Inc (NASDAQ:APPL) still hasn't officially announced the next iteration of its tablet device, but that hasn't stopped rumors of the device from popping up in some of the nation's most reputable publications. In an attempt to compete better with Amazon and Google in the low-budget tablet market, Apple is expected to release a smaller form iPad that's been unofficially referred to as the "iPad Mini."

While several leaks have already surfaced about the iPad Mini, the latest is a series of photos featuring what appears to be a fully assembled iPad Mini. Given that rumors surrounding the iPhone 5 were found to be largely true, there's a very strong chance that the photos are indeed a fully assembled version of the iPad Mini.

Chinese technology blog BoLoPad published photos of what it claims to be the iPad Mini. Photos of the device show a 7.85-inch tablet, the same measurements that have been widely reported, in an aluminum casing similar to other iPad models. On the back of the metal casing is a large apple logo with the words "iPad" stamped on the back. At the bottom of the case is the brand new 19-pin connector that was also featured on the iPhone 5.

The leak has happened in the wake of the iPhone 5 release, which was largely ruined by months of leaks and rumors correct rumors. Gizmodo reports that the iPhone 5 was the "most broadly leaked product in Apple's history." The accuracy of the iPhone 5 leaks suggests that distributors and foreign blogs have an opportunity to obtain accurate information concerning the iPad Mini as well.

This is not the first purported leaked of the iPad Mini casing. Several other blogs have been posting smaller iPad cases suggesting that they could be the exterior of Apple's new product, but the cases have never been assembled before. In BoLoPad's photos, the iPad Mini is not only assembled, it's actually been turned on to show the homescreen of the device. The most recent photos of the iPad Mini appear to be extremely similar to ones that have surfaced at an earlier date.

Although the iPad Mini specs are still based upon leaked information and assumptions, here's what to anticipate from Apple's new tablet device: The iPad Mini will definitely run on Apple's new operating system iOS 6. Apple iOS 6 has more than 200 new features and has been highly touted for its increased focus on giving users a seamless experience across all Apple devices. The iPad Mini will, in the same way as the MacBook series and iPhone series, share data across devices using iCloud.

The iPad Mini is expected to have a 7.85-inch screen, which is slightly bigger than the new Amazon Kindle Fire HD. The screen is expected to run on at a 1024 x 768 resolution. The iPad Mini is also expected to run on a slightly outdated A5 processor. The Apple A5 is a dual-core 1GHz processor that was recently trumped by Apple's new A6 processor that was introduced through the iPhone 5.

The iPad Mini is also expected to feature 512 MB of RAM and have storage capacities of 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. Although it's unknown whether the iPad Mini will feature a rear-facing or front-facing camera, the photos from BoLoPad suggest that the device will feature both types of cameras because there are holes in the casing to support both types.

Apple is said to be introducing the iPad Mini in order to directly compete with the Nexus 7 and the Amazon Kindle Fire, but the expected price of the device suggests that the new Apple product will be in a league of its own. The cheapest price expected for the iPad Mini, according to Cult of Mac, is $299, which is significantly more expensive than both the Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire HD.

Whether this mockup is accurate or not remains to be seen. Apple is expected to introduce the iPad Mini at a special press event in October. Until then, we're left to wait and wonder whether Apple has something a little more up its sleeve.

To see the BoLoPad photos of the iPad Mini, click here.