The iPad Mini 2 release date had us worried for a while that the device would miss the Q4 holiday 2013 window. It appears now this may not be the case. Going against information we originally heard, Digitimes says we can expect the iPad Mini 2 release date to fall sometime at the end of this year. This would make sense -- many believed Apple chose to announce the Mini when it did to have them in time for the holidays. Pushing the iPad Mini 2 release date back to after the start of 2014 would still be profitable, but it would also be a missed opportunity. The device's availability window is easy to estimate, though upcoming features are less clear-cut.

Apple's current 7.9 inch iOS tablet doesn't offer a retina display option. While the full-sized iPad offers the high density panel, users of the Mini are forced to work with half the resolution. While the Mini's screen does look better than the cheaper iPad 2, Apple could easily take things a step further. It's expected during the iPad Mini 2 release date announcement that Cupertino will also announce a higher resolution screen for their bite-sized tablet.

Along with a more pixel-dense display, some have rumored a new, mostly bezel-free design. The iPad Mini originally did away with thick sides when held in portrait. Initially Apple included this design in the O.G. iPad to provide a way of holding the device without getting in the way of the screen. Though in iOS 6 on the Mini, the software was able to disregard touches from the sides when necessary. Improving on this software may bring great changes in hardware come iPad Mini 2 release date.

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