The most recent rumored launch date for the new iPad models is October 15, when a supposed Apple special event is reported to take place. Leading up to the iPad release date, photo leaks online give a glimpse into what tablet consumers can anticipate the latest gadgets to look like. Here is a roundup of recent photo leaks that indicate the potential iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 design.

Gold iPad Mini 2

These photos are purely renderings. Apple concept artist Martin Hajek created images of the iPad Mini 2 and iPad 5 if the new models were to take cues from the iPhone 5S. The images show the new iPads in gold, just as the latest iPhone model rolled out in. Not only do these speculative iPad photos display new colors, but they also come with fingerprint sensors. No reports have confirmed a gold iPad Mini 2 or an iPad with Touch ID. However, the release of the iPhone 5S hints at new features the latest Apple tablets could potentially include.

The other most buzzed about iPad Mini 2 rumor is that the upcoming miniature Apple tablet will include retina display. A Retina iPad Mini would be a strategic move for the tech giant, considering the Google Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD are launching with impressive high-definition displays on similar screen sizes.

iPad 5 in Gold, Space Gray and White

A gold iPad 5 is more likely, based on source credentials, than a gold iPad Mini 2. Thanks to a photo leak by C Tech, reports indicate that the fifth-generation iPad could come in three tones: Gold, Space Gray and White. The images, as reported by Slash Gear, show iPad 5 SIM trays in the varying tones, signifying the iPad 5 might mirror the iPhone 5S in color variants.

iPad 5, iPad Mini 2 Tablet Dimensions

A photo leak by Sonny Dickson revealed Apple's iPad 5 vs. iPad Mini 2 in a sequence of side-by-side images. Based on the tablet photos, Apple's next-generation tablets will take design cues from one another. The iPad 5 will feature thinner bezels and a slimmer body, similar to that of the iPad Mini body. The iPad Mini 2 design is expected to remain mostly unchanged.

What do you think about a gold iPad?

iPad 5, iPad Mini 2 Release Date

Since Apple's next-gen tablets weren't launched during the iPhone 5S release, the next likely release date will fall in Q4 2013. The iPad Mini 2 and iPad 5 could be unveiled as soon as October 15 at Apple's rumored media event. The new tablet models are expected ahead of the holiday season.