Could Apple be planning to change more than just the bezel before the iPad 5 release date purportedly arrives later this year? Leaked photos recently suggested that Apple might shrink the non-touchscreeen surfaces on the iPad 5 in order to reduce the overall size and weight of the device. Now, new sources are suggesting that other changes might also be in store.

After a new photo of the redesigned iPad 5 bezel hit the web earlier this week, any lingering doubts regarding Apple's intentions to shrink their next tablet likely disappeared, and many began wondering just how much mass the company could possible remove prior to the iPad 5 release date. Fortunately, we're starting to get a better idea what other sorts of changes Cupertino may have in mind.

According to CNET, who spoke with NPD DisplaySearch analyst Paul Semenza, a revamped bezel won't be the only method Apple uses to decrease the total size of the company's next tablet. While the new, iPad mini-like bezel will certainly help decrease two of the device's dimensions, Semenza believes that thinner LED backlights will be used to shrink the thickness of the iPad 5's fully-assembled display. The NPD DisplaySearch analyst also believes Apple could shift to a film-based touch sensor, though that will affect performance far more than the size of the display assembly.

There have also been several rumors regarding the display panel that will be included with Apple's next tablet. The popular prediction seems to be Cupertino's introduction of IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) display panels on the iPad 5 release date, while recent reports about potential iPhone 5S changes also opened the door for Sapphire Glass as a replacement for Corning's famed Gorilla Glass.

Of course, all the changes in the world can only be so exciting when Apple won't even confirm work on another tablet, much less reveal the iPad 5 release date. Fortunately, Semenza is among a growing chorus of observers and analysts that believe Apple is preparing for a third quarter iPad 5 release date, possibly in October.

Are you planning to buy Apple's next 10-inch tablet when the iPad 5 release date arrives? Holding out for the rumored Retina iPad mini that is expected to debut before the end of 2013?

Let us know in the comments section!

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