Could Apple be planning to begin production on the next iPad this July, one month after Sharp is expected to begin work on display panels for the iPhone 5S, with the goal of making the iPad 5 release date a reality this September?

With much of the Apple discussion this year focused on the iPhone 5S and rumored Retina iPad mini, many people forget that the company is also expected to release another full-size iPad sometime during 2013. The same obviously can't be said for the company's supply line, though, and one media outlet claims to have confirmed the final production schedule for the fifth-generation iPad.

According to DigiTimes, the same trio of Japanese electronics manufacturers (LG, Samsung and Sharp) will produce displays panels for the iPad 5, and the three suppliers will begin manufacturing the panels sometime during the month of July. Production will gradually ramp up, reaching its peak during September, and DigiTimes' sources say the general public should expect the iPad 5 release date that same month.

The fifth generation iPad is expected to be much smaller than previous iterations of Apple's iconic tablet line, with a slim-lined bezel that's modeled after the iPad mini which launched last year. A new display housing is said to help facilitate the iPad's impending size reduction, along with a redesigned LED backlight system that allowed Apple to prep a significantly thinner tablet for launch on the iPad 5 release date.

There hasn't been much word on what sort of upgrade specs consumers can expect from Apple's next full-sized tablet, though we suspect the folks at Cupertino have more than an upgraded display panel planned for the iPad 5 launch. Most of the iPad 5 release date rumors thus far have focused on the fifth generation iPad's smaller form factor, with next to zero discussion of upcoming hardware changes, though an upgraded processor seems all but guaranteed.

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What would you like to see Apple change when production of the fifth generation iPad begins later this year? Are you anxiously awaiting Apple's iPad 5 release date announcement? Abandoned the iPad product line in favor of another tablet?

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