iPad 5 will be released alongside iOS 7 in March 2013. What can we expect from the Apple tablet?

Even though the iPad 4 was released four months ago (alongside the iPad Mini), rumors about the upcoming sequel, the iPad 5, are already in full swing. According to the newest report, the iPad 5 will be introduced, along with Apple's newest mobile operating system iOS 7, in March 2013 ... alongside the Steve Jobs biopic "jOBS" with Ashton Kutcher.

Kitguru.net writes that Apple is preparing an announcement set for March to coincide with the release of the Ashton Kutcher led Steve Jobs film. Jobs, as you obviously know, was Apple's iconic founder and two time CEO. He led the company to unprecedented heights. He's known for creating revolutionary products, including the iPod, the iTunes music app, the iPad, and the iPhone. After his death in 2011, movie studios scrambled for the rights to his life story, and Sony will be coming out with the first movie in March 2013. In an effort to increase hype around the movie, where Kutcher stars as Steve Jobs, Kitguru writes that Apple is putting the finishing touches on an announcement, where they will introduce the iPad 5 and iOS 7. They also added that the iPad 5 will have a legitimate 10" screen, which will upset some accessory manufacturers, have an updated processor for more functionality without losing batter power, 4G LTE connectivity (like the iPhone 5) and an updated screen.

But does this make any sense? Some of the specs sound plausible, but the connection between the iPad 5 release date and the Steve Jobs biopic, "jOBS," doesn't. It's very unlikely that Apple has any involvement in any Steve Jobs movie, considering most of the screenplays are based off of Walter Isaacson's biography. While the film and the iPad 5 might be released around the same time (March 2013), it probably isn't anything more than a coincidence.

What other features and specs might the iPad 5 have? Apparently it will be "significantly lighter and slimmer" than previous models, powered by an A7 processor and have an IGZO screen display. In addition, it will probably come with iOS 6 or 7 (7 might launch with the new iPhone 5S/6), and, aesthetically, might be more like the iPad Mini than the iPad 3 or 4. It's up for debate whether or not the iPad 5 will have 4G LTE. It's a good idea, but it might raise the price of the iPad 5, which could be a potential deterrent for consumers.

What's on your iPad 5 features wish list? Wireless charging? Radically different iOS? Let us know in the comments section below!

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