The iPad 5, iPhone 5C release date have many excited for the upcoming devices and now 2 new videos have surfaced showing what they may look like. Info has been leaking out left and right regarding the soon to be announced devices. With the iPad 5, iPhone 5C release date likely to come this fall, it only makes sense we'd see more and more production leaks for the two devices. Apple's tablet is rumored to come with a newly designed bezel while the budget phone will come with a plastic design not seen since the 3GS days. No iPad 5, iPhone 5C release date has been set in stone but many rumors say the devices will launch this fall.

The fifth version of the iPad is said to come with a new design around the already hi-def Retina Display. In terms of aesthetics, the newer iPad will carry the same design details as Apple's newest tablet: the iPad mini. Using software to compensate for accidental touches, Apple was able to make a thinner bezel while still giving users a place to hold the device. Come iPad 5, iPhone 5C release date, the tablet is likely to cost the same $499 base price it does now.

Also, is it just us or is this some intense music for a video like this?

The iPhone 5C was a bit less expected than the new iPad. The plastic iPhone will come as a cheaper option to the 5 -- supposedly replacing the 4 and 4S models. While some previously thought the chances of Apple doing this were unlikely, we have seen other leaks suggesting the same thing. We can't be sure of the device's internals until iPad 5, iPhone 5C release date time, though we expect the handset will have similar specs to the 4S -- though with a larger screen. Even though Apple's no stranger to have a wide array of devices in their smartphone lineup, the company may want to steer clear of any potential fragmentation. Offering too many different phones could be good for consumers, but definitely will make things harder on developers.

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