Travel apps for iOS and Android, so that you can explore new places effortlessly. With summer on the horizon let's compile a list of iPhone and Android travel apps for those jetting off to foreign countries. These iOS and Android apps serve as translators, travel agents, tour guides, doctors, mathematicians and photographers. These are the Top 10 iOS and Android travel apps for a flawless summer vacation:

Rosetta Stone Navigator (iOS)

Are you backpacking through Europe and your four years of high school Spanish a little rusty? No problemo. Rosetta Stone gives users a set of free apps for iOS devices. The Rosetta Stone Navigator apps provide iOS users with basic phrases in French, Spanish, German and Italian. The exercises in the Rosetta Stone apps use speech recognition as well to make sure users are pronouncing words correctly, Yahoo News reports.

Rosetta Stone Navigator apps for iOS devices give users three free lessons that help travelers learn the basics of getting around, including meeting people, dining out, using transportation, getting directions and more. The iOS free travel app also comes with a built-in phrase book.

"It's about speaking -- not just about reading and thinking through it," said Jonathan Mudd, senior director of global communications at Rosetta Stone, which is based in Virginia, to Yahoo News. "When you get over that obstacle of hearing yourself say words in new languages, and messing them up, you will get comfortable a lot faster."

Duolingo (Android and iOS)

Duolingo is another free travel app compatible with Android and iOS devices. The free language education app offers courses in Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese and Italian. This iOS and Android app stands out from the other translators in that it turns learning a new language, which can often be frustrating, into a game. An eight-week study even revealed that 34 hours of Duolingo is equivalent to an 11-week university semester, according to the Duolingo site. So if learning a new language is a daunting experience for you, bring this little pocket professor (available for the iPhone and Android) along with you on your travels.

ReallyLateBooking (Android and iOS)

For the spur-of-the-moment traveler, ReallyLateBooking is a travel app that lets you make last-minute reservations at hotels in cities worldwide, according to Mashable. This is a free travel app for iOS and Android devices and lets users book same day hotel rooms with discounts at quality hotels. This travel app lets you book in 30 seconds from anywhere, according to iTunes Apple Store. Book a hotel straight from your iPhone or iPad in the streets of Barcelona, Berlin, Lisbon, Milan, London and Prague. ReallyLateBooking even gives iOS and Android users detailed information on each hotel.

Airbnb (Android and iOS)

Airbnb is a free travel app for Android and iOS. This app is designed with a strategic backpacker in mind. Globetrotters can use this free travel app to gain access to a trusted community marketplace that connects users with individuals with space for rent, the iTunes Apple Store states. Airbnb is an award-winning app with over 200,000 listings for rent in more than 30,000 cities and 192 countries. This iOS and Android app brings couch surfing to a whole new level. Book lodging (from a private apartment to a private island) from your iPhone, iPod Touch or Android device.

TapHunter (Android and iOS)

This free travel app for iOS and Android devices helps users find craft beer at local bars, bottle shops and tasting rooms. "Life is too short to drink crap," the TapHunter website proclaims. This app is perfect for travelers who consider themselves beer connoisseurs. Find beer, locations and even local beer events in several major cities, including Austin, Boston, Seattle, Vancouver, Portland and New York City. Drink responsibly with this free travel app.

AroundMe (Android and iOS)

It's been a long day of sight seeing and a wave of hunger hits you out of nowhere. You need to eat. Right now. Don't risk walking miles in hopes of stumbling across a pizza place. AroundMe is a free travel app for Android and iOS devices that does exactly as the name suggests -- gives you a list of everything nearby, from restaurants to hotels to movie theaters. For the aimless wanderers of the world, this app lets you meander freely, keeping you up-to-date on the closest wing joint or parking structure. AroundMe even gives you the mileage per location, CNN Travel notes.

Expensify (Android and iOS)

Expensify is a free travel app designed with business travelers in consideration. Expensify, compatible with iOS and Android devices, keeps track of your purchases and transactions by syncing with your credit cards and bank accounts, CNN Travel reports. It also serves as your very own receipt scanner, using mobile phone's cameras to snap a photo of paper receipts. At the end of your trip, the app sends you a PDF report of all your spending. Say goodbye to scavenging for crumpled receipts at the bottom of your purse and pockets. This free travel app for iOS and Android devices has been consistently rated the number one app for business travelers and road warriors, according to Apple's iTunes Store.

Trip Splitter (iOS)

When traveling in groups, there's almost always going to be instances with the friend who "left their wallet in the hostel" or "doesn't have any cash" or even "accidentally flushed their credit cards down the toilet" (it happens). Trip Splitter for iPhone is a financial organizing app that helps divvy up costs. This travel app is compatible with the iPhone and iPad and can be downloaded in the iTunes Store for $1.99. The app keeps track of each travelers costs and IOU's in seconds. This travel app is internationally friendly as well, converting currency as you cross borders. Divide up travel costs with this iOS app into categories such as gas, food, entertainment and more. Travel without the added stress of IOU's with Trip Splitter, divvying amounts down to the last penny.

Postagram (Android and iOS)

Postagram lets Android and iOS users capture a photo, add the address to it and turn into a postcard for the small price of $0.99, according to Apps Magazine. Sure, that postcard with the Coliseum is pretty neat, but wouldn't your friends rather see you posing as a gladiator inside of the Coliseum? This free travel app for iPhone and Android devices lets users use photos from Facebook, Instagram, your smartphone or computer, and it only takes seconds, according to the Postagram App website. This travel app lets users mail it to friends, family and lovers all over the U.S., Canada and Europe.

mPassport (Android and iOS)

This free travel app for iOS and Android devices is a little life saver in the palm of your hand. mPassport brings iOS and Android users trusted medical care globally. When you're unsure if a new rash is an allergic reaction or a flesh-eating disease, it's convenient to have an app that will locate health professionals nearby, request an appointment and translate medical phrases and terms. The service claims to be a "mobile, medical, concierge" with English-speaking doctors and dentists available internationally, CNN Travel reports.