Is an iOS 8.3 or 8.4 jailbreak release for iPhones, iPads and iPods coming? We caught up with TaiG, the creators of the most recent iOS 8.1.2 jailbreak, and discussed their plans for future jailbreaks along with some other cool things. Check it all out below.

WWDC 2015 is right around the corner (June 8) and rumors have it that both iOS 8.4 and iOS 9 beta will be released on that day. This leaves most jailbreakers to wonder if a jailbreak for iOS 8.3 or 8.4 will release or will we be waiting for iOS 9?

While far less players are in the business of making jailbreaks these days, we still do have a couple of teams – Pangu and TaiG --who remain interested in creating free public jailbreaks and so we decided to go to these sources to find out what they might be planning. While we have yet to hear back from Pangu regarding their plans for future jailbreaks, we did receive response from the primary member of TaiG team, RayXie, which gives a little insight as to when we might expect a jailbreak from their team. In addition, he gave us some other great info about the team themselves and where they see the future of jailbreaking headed. Check it out below.

iDigitalTimes Interview With TaiG Team Member, Ray Xie, On The Future Of Jailbreaking

ios 8.3 8.4 jailbreak iphone ipad ipod ios 9 taig interview release date ray xie pangu update released TaiG Team member, Ray Xie, spoke to iDigitalTimes about the teams future plans for jailbreaking iPhones, iPads and iPods. TaiG

iDigitalTimes: How did you get involved into iOS hacking? What made you want to become involved in jailbreaking?

TaiG (Ray): In recent years, iOS users have kept increasing in China. The latest data shows that China has beat the United States on iOS downloads and taken the top spot. This increase prompted us to wonder whether it was possible to jailbreak the iOS system. iOS users love for the system, but have individualized needs(Of course, I am one of them). So, I thought it would be cool to jailbreak iOS by myself. So, in 2013 the TaiG team started to look at making a jailbreak. We have had both successes and failures, but it is users’ encouragement that keeps us moving forward.

iDigitalTimes: How many members are working with TAIG?

TaiG (Ray): We currently have two members in TaiG now. TaiG is less exposed to the outside world, which is partly because of our personalities, but we want our working attitude and future work known by more people. We also welcome jailbreak developers to join us.

iDigitalTimes: A few month’s back, the team indicated they planned to release an iOS 8.2 jailbreak. We are at iOS 8.3 now. What happened?

TaiG (Ray): The TaiG team didn’t actually say we would release an iOS 8.2 jailbreak, just that we were confident we could achieve it. We did intend to release an iOS 8.2 Beta Jailbreak, but had to give it up due to some last minute complications.

iDigitalTimes: The Apple Watch – does the team have any plans to jailbreak that?

TaiG (Ray): We have no plan to jailbreak Apple Watch at this time. Apple Watch is a new product. We don’t know too much about its users’ demands. What’s more, we are not quite clear about whether it is suitable or necessary to jailbreak an Apple watch. Time will tell all that.

iDigitalTimes: The Mobile Conference held in China in March – what was its main purpose? Are there plans for more events like these in the future?

TaiG (Ray): The main purpose of 2015 Mobile Security Summit (MSS) was for learning and communicating. With the publicity we’ve gotten, we hope to attract more jailbreak developers to communicate with us so that we can learn from each other. TaiG also hoped to establish a communication platform in China for both foreign jailbreak experts and Chinese jailbreak developers. That was achieved through the 2015 MSS. We do have plans to run similar events in the future.

ios 8.3 8.4 jailbreak iphone ipad ipod ios 9 taig interview release date ray pangu update released Multiple well known hackers from jailbreak past attended the Mobile Security Conference hosted by TaiG. From the left: Ray Xie (TaiG Team), Will Strafach @chronic (Chronic Dev Team), Nikias Bassen @pimskeks (Evad3rs), Nicholas Allegra @comex (iPhone Dev Team), Joshua Hill @p0sixninja (Chronic Dev Team) TaiG

iDigitalTimes: What does TAIG see for the future of jailbreaking? Does the team think jailbreaking will continue to be popular?

TaiG (Ray): We have to recognize the reality that the demand for jailbreaks may become less and less over time, but we believe there’ll always be both the desire and possibility for jailbreaks as long as the iOS system exists. That said, the difficulty of jailbreaking an iOS system is gradually increasing, which means more work to do. But in theory, there will always be a way to jailbreak and, because iOS users will always crave the ability to individualize their device, the demand for jailbreaks will continue.

iDigitalTimes: Ok, so now we need to discuss the immediate future of jailbreaks. Does your team have any plan to release an iOS 8.3 or 8.4 jailbreak or should we look to iOS 9 for work from TaiG?

TaiG (Ray): We currently haven’t any plans to release a jailbreak prior to iOS 9; however, if there is any change we would like to let you know immediately as we hope to develop a constant relationship with you and your website.


So that’s basically the size of it, folks. For now TaiG is looking to iOS 9 for a jailbreak release. The plans of Pangu at this time are unknown and as to any of the older players they are completely out of the game. Of course there’s always the stray chance that a completely unknown group could surface and release a jailbreak as was the case with Pangu and TaiG, but at this time, iOS 9 jailbreak seems to be the future.

I will note that I conducted this interview with TaiG a little bit before the “Rootless” iOS 9 rumor emerged. As such, I still hold to my original position that, if iOS 9 looks as difficult to break as the “rootless” rumor made it sound, we could see an earlier jailbreak drop for iOS 8.3 or 8.4. I think the kicker will be what we find out at WWDC next week. Once jailbreak developers have had an opportunity to delve into that upcoming operating system beta and see what challenges are ahead, that may help them make a decision about when the best time to release a new jailbreak might be.

As always, if I hear anything new, I’ll be sure to update you.

UPDATE: There could be a jailbreak on its way after all from Pangu. Check out the details here --->  Pangu Demos iOS 8.3 Jailbreak At MOSEC