There are many iOS 7 jailbreak apps on Cydia for customizing the look of your device. But it's always convenient when an app does all the hard theming work for you. iOS 7 untethered jailbreak tweaks like Eclipse and Nightmode provide dark menus throughout your iPhone or iPad while saving users much of the leg-work of theming. But with these convenient apps come important questions: which one is better? Should I be using a more customizable iOS jailbreak tweak instead like UIColors? Is a dark theme on my jailbroken device really that much better than the stock look? Look no further than our Cydia tweak comparison.

iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweak NightMode

nightmode ios 7 untethered jailbreak app cydia tweak Calendar in NightMode (Photo: Imgur)

Developer nin9tyfour brings us NightMode, a tweak that provides a dark look to many iOS apps. The iOS 7 jailbreak tweak, available for $0.99, is easy for users to invoke -- providing choices for a Flipswitch toggle in Control Center and even Activator options. Many of the darkened screens look good enough to be natively included with iOS 7, though others not so much. Certain apps like Instagram and Vine have the occasional odd looking UI element. Aside from these many of the apps look great, almost improved compared to their lighter counterpart. Especially so on a black iOS device. iOS 7 jailbreak apps like Activator look pretty spiffy with the different color. Even non-jailbreak applications like Calendar and Messages look good dressed in black.

While the Cydia app NightMode did release with an awkward bug or two, the developer nin9tyfour has been regularly updating the app. We wouldn't be surprised if apps that haven't been shown some love by NightMode looked better in the future after an update or two. Check that Changes section of Cydia regularly folks!

iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweak Eclipse

eclipse ios 7 untethered jailbreak tweak Eclipse (Photo: Imgur)

But before there was NightMode, we had Eclipse. We covered the iOS 7 jailbreak tweak in the past but that was before there were options to weigh. Similar to NightMode, Eclipse provides a system-wide dark mode for your iPhone (with the occasional odd looking app or two as well). At a buck the Cydia tweak goes for the same price as NightMode but has some interesting features on the horizon. Rumored features coming soon to the Cydia tweak include automatically switching between day and night mode depending on time of day, more color options, iPad compatibility and Flipswitch and Activator functionality.

iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweak UIColors

ios 7 untethered jailbreak cydia tweak UIColors (Photo: Imgur)

While NightMode and Eclipse provide themes focused on darkening your view, UIColors gives users the option of making their interface any color they want. While users are able to darken the look of their iOS 7 jailbroken device, using UIColors, the app provides other color options as well. We're of the opinion that UIColors is a bit less elegant than NightMode and Eclipse, though if you want more color options this app's for you.

Bonus: iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweak F.lux

flux iphone ios 7 jailbreak tweak F.lux (Photo:

The f.lux app leaves little in the way of customizing your iOS 7 jailbreak device but it may be the most important for using your iPhone during night time. By giving the colors on screen a warmer hue when dark out, f.lux is able to adapt to the lighting on the room. During morning time when the sun is out again, the colors revert to the normal cooler shades. F.lux's effect makes things easier on the eyes to the point where you may not even feel the need to install a tweak like NightMode or Eclipse for dark-room usage. The free app is also the only one on the list that is also available for Mac and Linux.


When it comes to using your jailbroken device at night, NightMode may be the app for you. We found many of the apps under NightMode's dark settings to be slightly more appealing than Eclipse. Though the latter Cydia tweak will continue to receive updates in the future -- we may see third party apps look better with Eclipse in time. If you're looking to change the color of your iPhone's apps to hues other than pitch black UIColors is the Cydia tweak for you. However if you're looking to keep Apple's stock look but want to be able to use your device indoors and low light, we highly recommend adding f.lux.

What's your favorite iOS 7 jailbreak tweak? Let us know down below in the comments!

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