After iPhone Dev team member David Wang aka @planetbeing surfaced on Reddit Saturday, letting the jailbreak community know that, indeed, all hope was not lost for an iOS 6, 6.0.1 or 6.1 jailbreak and that in fact he currently had a working iOS 6.0.2 untethered jailbreak working on his white iPhone 5, many found themselves satiated by the news.The future of the jailbreak community certainly looked brighter after several long, silent gray months.

Still, it seemed the long-time jailbreak developer's announcement was not enough to convince them an iOS 6 untethered jailbreak for iPhone 5/4S would ever emerge.

Though @planetbeing has taken multiple forums and answered numerous tediously retweeted similar questions about his work with the iOS 6 untethered jailbreak for iPhone 5/4S it absolutely floors me how many still refuse to hear his message.

It is for this reason I chose to write this article. For those of you who faithfully follow the devs, who have been patient and who understand the enormity of the work these fellows do, as well as the importance of the decisions they make concerning the release dates of their jailbreaks, this article -- though it may contain some helpful tidbits -- is really not necessary for you to read. But for those asking the following two regurgitated questions, here is exactly what @planetbeing has said, along with a layman's explanation.

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And now, on to the questions...


Question 1: You have a working 6.0.2 jailbreak. Why don't you just release it already? Are you too selfish? Will we all be left in limbo forever? Is it time to switch to Android?

Alright, I've had a couple of people comment to me lately that @plantentbeing has seemed a bit edgy lately in his Twitter posts, but let me tell you, I'm not even the man himself and I'm a bit edgy! You see, ironically, the people who ask such things are also the same ones posing questions such as those above. In reality, it reminds me of children really. Children intent on pestering their parents till they finally give in and let the child have what they want. The reality is though, these guys are not your parents. The have tenacity beyond what many of us do and therefore all your prodding and pressuring does nothing to push the work forward.

As to the reasons the iOS 6.0.2 jailbreak has not been released, well, it comes down to this:

Do you want to see more jailbreaks in the future?

For those who lack the ability to engage in delayed gratification, I get that it seems selfish for @planetbeing and the other devs working on the jailbreak for iOS 6 to withhold the goodies from you. However, the fact of the matter is, if he released the jailbreak in the current state, there is a possibility that this would be the end of the scene altogether. I'm fairly certain the death of jailbreaking is not something anyone of you hope for, and therefore, the decision being made is a wise one, made by several partakers in the work.

In the words of @planetbeing

"Don't eat your seed corn."

To elaborate further, @planetbeing had this to say in a post on Reddit Wednesday after reading this entitled statement by redditor Mikeew:

"@planetbeing --This IMO is a stupid reason for not releasing to the general public. It really sounds like a lame excuse. I remember on my 4S 5.1.1 being released not held captive with the dev team stating we have to wait so we don't lose exploits. Under that logic we would never see jailbreaks ever."

As nice as it is (note my sarcasm) to see people who have never planned or been a part of creating a working jailbreak offering their opinions, here is what @planetbeing had to say in response:

"Hey, welcome to Reddit. Unlike on Twitter, we don't use @replies here. To address your opinion, I'd like to point out that the same group of people who decided to release Rocky Racoon/Absinthe 2.0 for iOS 5.1.1 (which includes me) do not want to release the current jailbreak with this exploit. You can be sure that it is for a good reason."

However, returning back to comments posted on Twitter a few days prior, @planetbeing did inform us that, if no suitable bugs could be found in a timely manner within iOS 6.1, then it's likely we could look for a release of an iOS 6.01 or 6.0.2 untethered jailbreak to emerge.

"I don't know why people think waiting for 6.1 is the only reason not to release. I clearly stated two in my Reddit post ... I wouldn't be surprised if 6.1 was very buggy...In the worst case that there are no more bugs left, there'd be no point in hanging onto it. [6.0.2 jailbreak]"

So to recap the answer in layman's terms:

1) There is a working iOS 6x jailbreak

2) Release date is yet unknown but will happen

3) Be patient and trust the Devs' good judgment.

Now on to the second most asked question on all Devs timelines....


2. It's okay for me to upgrade then, right?!?!?

To this question we have all answered till we are blue in the face, but I will state, quite pointedly, once more: STAY at whatever iOS 6x you currently find yourself.

If you are at 6.0 remain there. If you are at 6.0.1 remain there. If you upgraded to 6.0.2 do not jump on 6.1 when it comes and, in the meantime, all of you should be saving shsh blobs for 6.0.2 if you have an iPhone 5 or iPad mini, and for all other devices, save blobs for 6.0.1

There are links posted below to help you with this.

However, interestingly enough, when this question surfaced on Reddit, I did notice @planetbeing offering some advice slightly contrary to what we had heard thus far and it may be of interest to you all.

When redditor Panayiotispa posted the following question, here is the discussion which unfolded:

Panayiotispa: " Planetbeing what do you suggest us to do?? Update to iOS 6.0.2 or not????"

hizinfiz: "Don't"

spitf1r3: "Why, If he says, he's got 6.0.2 jailbroken, there aren't any major kernel changes, etc.?"

hizinfiz: "Well, planetbeing said the code works the same, so technically it should be ok to upgrade, but Panayiotispa asked what planetbeing would suggest doing and I gave him/her that answer."

Sn1pe: "Even after seeing you share his answer to my question, I'm still somehow a little puzzled. If I update to iOS 6.0.2 right now on my iPhone 5, wouldn't I still be guaranteed a chance at jailbreaking my device if the devs don't decide to release a jailbreak for iOS 6.1?"

planetbeing "If you really want the improvements in 6.0.1 or 6.0.2 (there's not much), you can upgrade to 6.0.2 as soon as you hear 6.1 comes out. There's usually a short window of a day or two where Apple will still allow you to restore to 6.0.2. Perhaps keep the 6.0.2 ipsw downloaded just in case."

So in layman's terms here's what it means:

1) It's still recommended to stay at your current iOS but ...

2) If you are dying to upgrade, wait till 6.1 releases, save your 6.0.1 or 6.0.2 blobs and then test drive it quickly before the signing window closes. This way if you don't like the upgrade or are fearful it ruins your chance of a jailbreak, you can go back down later.

My hope was to set the record straight on a couple of things. Though I imagine there will still be those who refuse to be satisfied and will continue to probe further for iOS 6, 6.0.1, or 6.1 untethered jailbreak updates and release dates, hopefully for some, this will have spelled out the information they have been looking for.

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