Cydia Tweaks 2013 Complete List of iOS 6 Compatible Jailbreak Tweaks From Cydia ( Updated 03/04/13) Cydia

Greetings friends, it's Monday and as usual, the Cydia store and its developers have been busy pushing out new tweaks and updates optimized for the iOS 6 Evasi0n jailbreak. As you know I am a huge fan of simple but functional tweaks found in the Cydia tweak/app store and so here's a fresh batch of simple but useful tweaks arriving the weekend of March 1 through 3. Enjoy!

Cydia Jailbreak Tweaks 2013 "Readr" for both Safari and Chrome PHOTO: Cydia Cydia Jailbreak Tweaks 2013 "Readr" for both Safari and Chrome (Photo: Cydia) Cydia

Okay, so Readr is a simple tweak, but one I have been looking for and just didn't know it. Basically what reader does is allows users two options for reading web content: a "Read Now" and "Read Later." With Read Now, the content you are viewing is immediately switched to a clean, distraction-free reading view, like the read option on Safari ... The best part is though its available for Chrome too! I have to admit, I'm kind of a fan of Google Chrome on my iPhone 5, but I often use Safari for the reader option. With this tweak, though, I get the best of both browsers.

The second option available on this new Cydia tweak is the "Read Later" option which is basically like saving to your reading list in safari, but it gives you the option to save it to your favorite read later service like Readability, Pocket and Instapaper.

Its tweaks like these that just add a little more functionality to your iPhone or iPad and definitely one worth downloading. Readr for now requires an iOS 6 jailbreak in order to use. The tweak is just 1.99 in the Cydai Tweak/app store.

Cydia Jailbreak Tweaks 2013 "QuickPhoto" Cydia Jailbreak Tweaks 2013 "QuickPhoto" (Photo: Cydia) Cydia

This is another really great idea that I am so happy someone thought of and turned into a tweak. QuickPhoto is a new Cydia store keyboard that allows users to pick images as part of the keyboard menu. So sown in the spot where you access various language keyboards or your emjoi icons, there will be installed a new category which can take you to your camera roll and photo stream quickly and easily. This cuts out all the shifting back and forth between apps just to send your pal a photo.

The jailbreak app supports a wide variety of messengers including popular ones like iMessage, BiteSMS Twitter, Tweetbot, Fabebook Messenger and Mail. The app is 3.99 in the Cydia store and only available for iOS 6 jailbreak users. In order to use the QuickPhoto Tweak you will need to install the free Keylord custom keyboard tweak, which features some other fun keyboards like Rage Faces and Grafitti. This tweak may seem a bit on the pricey side, but once you see how it simplifies the photo sharing process, you'll find it to be well worth it.

iFix Brightness Issue ( iOS 6 Required)

Being a relatively new jailbreaker, occasionally I find my iPhone doing something crazy and assume it's me not realizing it could have to do with a tweak or theme I recently installed. One such issue I kept running into was a problem with my brightness setting going extremely dark after a respring. Well apparently this is an issue unique to those of us on the iOS 6 system and jailbroken. This tweak however, once installed remedies this issue. It is a free tweak and one you should definitely download if you've experiences issues with screen dimming after respring.


Go2Now is another really simple tweak but makes your life ever so much easier by allowing users to assign an activator gesture to a favorite webpage. So, for instance, I visit the stats page for my articles multiple times in the course of a day. Rather than having to open a browser and hunt through my favorites, with this tweak I can set a gesture, such as a tap on the Statusbar and BOOM, I am taken directly to my favorite website. This tweak is free and available now in the Cyida Tweak/app store.

Landscape Videos ( iOS 6 Required)

For those of you who like to lock your rotations settings, only to be annoyed when watching video that the rotation lock has to be disabled, to view the video in landscape, this tweak is probably right up your alley. It is an iOS 6 jailbreak tweak that forces all videos to landscape orientation when playing even if your rotation lock is on. Just another way, Cydia and its developers are thinking smarter so we don't have to.

Animer ( iOS 6 Required)

Okay so this last tweak is just for those of you who aren't necessarily looking for increased functionality but more of the fun gee wiz factor in your iOS 6 jailbroken device. If you like Barrel for your homescreen, Animer is like a lesser brother for your notifications allowing users to choose from a variety of animated options for notification banners, multitasking switcher, and alerts.

Fade, zoom and slide in from all directions of the screen as well as animation speed settings are all a part of this fun jailbreak customization tweak. For those of you who like to make it obviously this device is jailbroken, this may be one tweak you want to consider. The tweak is for iOS 6x devices and .99 in the Cydia Store.

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