So what's been happening with the iOS 6 and 6.0.1 Untethered Jailbreak for iPhone 5 cliff hanger I left you at yesterday, concerning the connection I made between the tweets and progress shared by former Chronic Dev-Team member Joshua Hill, aka @p0sixninja and iPhone Dev Team member David Wang, aka @planet being? Well this is what's up and I hope it pleases. If you didn't read Part one, I suggest you go back and read it here. Otherwise, much of what follows wont make sense. But for those who have read it, here is the rest of the iOS 6 untethered jailbreak speculation saga I started last night.

For those of you who have been patiently waiting, lets pick up from the moment when @planetbeing first tweeted the iPhone 5 photo, running cydia tweaks.

Jailbroken iPhone 5 Norton Mobile Security could be beneficial for iOS fans who jailbreak their devices Twitter

Here is what Wang shared concerning his progresson the iOS 6 untethered jailbreak for iPhone 5 and other non-jailbroken devices:

"Can't say too much, but we're still missing critical pieces so it's not releasable right now. Believe me, we'd love to release it asap.... It's mostly working, as you can see, but I run into weird bugs every day and have to fix them as they come up."

In addition, David Wang, aka @planetbeing informed us that the jailbreak in the works would most likely be untethered while also posing a grim reality for future devices:

"It's unlikely we'll see a tethered JB for later devices. They'll likely be untethered or nothing unless we find a bootrom bug."

Now, this is the place where I go on one of my speculator tangents... so beware. What follows are only my thoughts-nothing more-don't take them as a facts, just food for thought.


If you tie together information tweeted by @planetbeing and @p0sixninja, it suddenly makes sense to me why Joshua Hill is NOT working the iOS 6 jailbreak for iPhone 5, 4S and other non-jailbroken devices. Rather, what he may be working on is hope for future systems and devices.

You see what @planetbeing is working on right now is a kernel exploit, which has to do with software vulnerabilities. These are okay, but often become irrelevant when a new iOS update surfaces. Thus, the reason it is common practice for devs to tell people not to upgrade devices when updates emerge as patches to jailbreaks may be present in the updates.

However, as we know from what Joshua Hill has tweeted, he is working on find AES decryption keys and a bootROM dump. A bootROM dump is one of the most powerful kinds of exploits a hacker can get and cannot be patched by system updates. Rather, it requires a change at the hardware level. A change similar to what we saw with the connector change in the iPhone 5.

When asked at the HITB panel in Malaysia whether or not the jailbreak scene may ever see another bootROM jailbreak, @MuscleNerd appeared highly skeptical as it has not been achieved for the 4S or iPhone 5. However, David aka, @planetbeing, answered fellow iPhone Dev Team member @MuscleNerd's cynisism with a question of his own, which I believe is very telling in this situation.

He said,

"There's a chance they might have changed the bootROM with the new iPhone 5 right?"

To which @MuscleNerd responded hesitantly,

"Right....its just that, I mean, you mean as far as our being able to dump it?"

@Planetbeing clarifying further said,

"Right, well, I mean the iPhone 5 uses a different connector, there might be a chance that they changed the bootROM , there might be a chance they introduced some bugs to it with that change, and there might be a chance they didn't make it as securely unreadable as um...we haven't really looked at it is the truth...."

To this @Musclenerd conceded,

"Right well there's still a lot to be done with that, especially with the new connector, figuring out, even at the hardware level how to use the new connector."

Well it seems to me that someone now is looking at it further and his name is Joshua Hill. If my speculations are correct, this would be an admirable goal as we have already heard rumors that an iPhone 5S and possibly 6 is in the works. It all rather makes me believe Joshua Hill, in typical Steve Jobs style, is moving to where the puck is going, not where it has been. If this is true, then it makes sense why he is tweeting about his quest for a bootROM exploit in light of his friend's assertion that an iOS 6 jailbreak is not on his to-do list. As the man said, he is working on something much bigger.

But again, that would be just me speculating as I often do. Please don't pester the Devs-especially @p0sixninja as a another personal friend of his tells me, he doesn't care for the attention, he just wants to work on his project. Also, as a reminder, don't take my speculations as gospel truths, proclaiming them in the jailbreak town square...these are just food for thought.


At any rate, returning back to the @planetbeing front, while his photos and tweets were certainly hopeful, it seemed jailbreakers wouldn't be satisfied till they heard something more about the ETA.

As one tweeter eagerly asked,

"Do you think you are weeks or months away? Not gonna hold ya to it lol but just curious."

To which @planetbeing good-naturedly replied,

" Yeah, that's the kind of thing if I say anything about, they beat me with clubs on IRC."

Sounds to me like David Wang aka @planetbeing would love to tell us more, but if he did he'd have to answer to the other Devs. The responses, however, are so much in tune with his general and enthusiastic personality, you can't help but liking this guy. We got our first taste of how much Wang loves what he does when we saw him in the Malaysia HITB panel discussion. If you didn't see make sure to check it out below.

As a closing thought, @planetbeing left us with this humorous ETA tweet:

The only thing I can say about the date is that I promised @alexeheath to try not to have it be released on a Sunday.

So there you have it-the one day of the week we can rest is Sunday, but as for every other day, keep watching and waiting.


Though again, I don't want to raise any false hopes, I really think we are getting in the final hours on this thing guys and Christmas just may hold a special gift for jailbreakers around the globe in the form of an iOS 6 or 6.0.1 untethered jailbreak for iPhone 5.

Stay hopeful and stay tuned in to as you know I will bring you any news I can in the developing iOS 6 untethered jailbreak process.

Perhaps this Christmas will be a white one, with sn0w for all of us--and our iOS 6 devices...

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