Tomorrow morning, no one will remember a thing Clint Eastwood said in his RNC speech, but one thing they will remember is an wooden chair and the guest appearance of the "Invisible Obama". Check out these hilarious reactions to Eastwood's skit-like conversation with the present, though not present, "Invisible Obama", or to read the in depth story, see Clint Eastwood's RNC Speech Launches Invisible Obama Twitter Account [VIDEO]

Tweeted Responses to "Invisible Obama"

@funkoars Clint Eastwood talking to invisible Obama on a chair. Not sure who is more confused here.

@mrlv426 Clint did perfect impression of every Republican in my family: incoherent, old white guy argues with invisible Obama over..well, not sure

@TrentDurden #ClintEastwood is either drunk or having a stroke. Also, invisibleObama has left the building. #RNC

@bluesmusic60 Clint Eastwood talking to Invisible Obama was definitely the epitome of "truth is stranger than fiction"!

@Radshell Invisible Obama just made rabbit ears behind Romney and he's laughing.

@Doc_0 Invisible Obama is rubbing his forehead with his outstretched middle finger.

@ScottyE_FL Romney can't see it, but Invisible Obama is using thumb and forefinger to crush his head.

@miscThe voice telling Clint Eastwood to shut up wasn't Invisible Obama, it was a producer in his earpiece.

@BrefniORourke When you address an invisible president in a bizarre comedy skit, address him as Mr. President or President Obama, Punk!

@DemocratMachine who told Clint that Invisible Obama was in that chair? WHO? DAMNIT, IT WAS A SECREEEETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

.@michaelschaffer I demand to see Invisible Obama's invisible birth certificate

@BuzzFeedAndrew Invisible Obama is making faces behind Marco Rubio.

‏@JohnFugelsang OK Al Gore just said "you know what's really strange? Rubio is ignoring the invisible Obama sitting right next to him?"

@Omega_ZedI want to nominate Clint Eastwood for President and the InvisibleObama Chair as VP.

@caseylaughman So Obama can control hurricanes and turn invisible? Why would you even consider a vote for anybody else? #Election2012

@OklahomaBuckeyeI like the invisible Obama way better than the original.

@DLind Can this Invisible Obama sitting next to Eastwood run for president? He's feisty!

@delrayser Backstage somewhere, Clint Eastwood is yelling at people for almost sitting on Invisible Obama.

@jennyandteets Everyone leave a glass of wine on your dinner tables tonight forinvisible Obama. #RNC

@nathanrabin This Clint Eastwood interrogates invisible Obama bit feels like the world's worst SNL skit.

@sethmeyers21 I hope invisible Obama stays on stage for Romney's speech.

@jeffjarvis How long before Obama does an invisible joke?

@panopticon13: Next week, Obamashould bring a chair on stage and offer rebuttal to InvisibleEastwood.

@KeeganLampert I'd vote for the chair that invisible Obama sat in before I'd ever consider voting for Romney.

@MauriePowell MSNBC commentators think they heard "invisible Obama" use the "f" word. I didn't hear that!

@claytonwagar MSNBC: now fact checking that invisible Obama would not have used the f-word @invisibleobama. Seriously.

‏@starbex I am playing a fun game in my head where I am imagining whatInvisible Obama told Romney and Eastwood to do with themselves. So many options

@timheidecker My question is: why did invisible Obama agree to sit there?

@invisibleobama I think we need a photo campaign to find whereinvisible Obama is now!

@jleonardbc Obama is doing an Invisible AMA on! He'll be taking questions all night beneath Clint's bed frame, invisibly.

@ClackyJ Thanks to Clint Eastwood, now everyone has an invisible Obama in their home, car, and office. Talk about intrusive government!

@JohnFugelsang Invisible Obama just beat up Hologram Reagan. #Current2012#GOP2012

@Nash076 Invisible Obama. Is that a superhero comic I hear?

‏@Strable New supervillain team is being formed: Invisible Obama, Dead Neil Armstrong, Evidence of George W. Bush and @billmaher

@expatina I have one question: Was the mystery guest Clint Eastwood or TheInvisible Obama?

@KQuark BREAKING NEWS: Instant poll, InvisibleObama leads Romney by 12 points. #GOP2012 #RNC #LyinRyan@Govwalker #WIUnion

@JeffreyGoldberg Invisible Obama has a pretty self-satisfied grin on his invisible face right now.

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