For the first time since Instagram was purchased by Facebook for more than $1 billion, the app has been given a significant update. The update comes on the same day that Facebook has updated its messaging system, Facebook Messenger.

Android OS and Apple iOS users that have the Instagram installed on their smartphones received upgrades to the service on Monday. The Apple iOS version of the app was bumped up to version 2.5 while the Android version was bumped up to 1.1.4.

Among the features that have been added to the iOS version of the app include a better-looking profile tab, more options for searching, small tweaks to the commenting system, visual enhancements for better picture displays and speed enhancements. There's also an option that allows users to share any of the "hearts" that they give out on Instagram by automatically posting them to Facebook.

The iOS update also removed the two-click process that was formerly required for publishing photos that had already been taken. Instead, users can now simply hold the camera button in the Instagram application, and they'll automatically be prompted to upload an existing photo from their phone.

According to the Instagram iTunes page, here's what's new in version 2.5.0 of the software:

- Revamped profile tab

- Search for users and tags in the Explore tab

- Improvements to commenting

- User search autocompletes based on people you follow

- Visual improvements

- Speed optimizations

- Optionally share likes to Facebook (enable in your Profile > Sharing Settings > Facebook)

The details of the updates made to Instagram for Android are slightly less detailed in the Google Play store. Here's what it said:

- Optionally share likes to Facebook (enable in Profile > Settings > Sharing settings > Facebook)

    - Search for users and tags in the Explore tab

      - Bug fix for loading more comments

      The update comes on the same day that Facebook Messenger has been updated for both the iPhone and Android. Updates to Facebook Messenger include enhanced push notifications and new in-app notifications, which makes it easier for someone to carry multiple conversations between several parties.

      Facebook Messenger should also be noticeably faster after the update. The app has been enhanced by allowing in-conversation photos to be viewed at full screen and can be pinched in order to zoom in and out.

      Facebook Messenger updates to Apple iOS and Android OS, according to their respective stores, include the following updates:

      Now with more great ways to stay in touch on the go:

      - Quickly switch between multiple conversations with in-app notifications

      - Include friends of friends in conversations

      - See who's available when you start a new conversation

      - Share bigger photos, tap for full screen and pinch to zoom

      More improvements:

      - Faster app loading, navigating and sending

      - More-reliable push notifications

      - Bug fixes